A new life in Belize


This week has really flown by again and we still have the “one thing a day rule”  but our main task was to find a truck. We were actually put straight on to a truck by an English guy down here. Now those who know me well,  realise I don’t really care much for the English abroad, because they are generally “FULL OF SHIT”  trying to make out they are something they’re not …But this guy turned out to be ok  and said he’s seen 2 trucks whilst driving around  . Now down here everyone is either trying to sell land to you or has a friend who has some, the same goes for anything else and you never quite know who’s connected to who, so I was a little suspicious of these so called trucks ..one has no windscreen and is not registered in Belize   ..this falls into NON STARTER category and is dismissed instantly ..cock up on the paperwork and your either gonna get fined ..or have a taxi to Hattieville a quaint little GULAG PRISON, world renouned for it’s customer service! Before we get to looking at the other truck I call in on our friendly car sales man “Legna” now I have known  this guy for 3 years and he has always been straight with us  and I notice he has a truck hidden at the back so we saunter in and talk about looking for vehicles ..he said I don’t have anything …to prompt him a little I say well we are after a cheap little truck ..he says well I do have a (pile of shit) truck i use myself ..seems to be be just what we are looking for ..but I seem uninterested ..so he says lets have a look and a test drive… I open the bonnet and fit a car battery and he says ” it’s a good little truck ”  ( sales talk for piece of shit)  anyway after 6 turns of the engine it fires into life     ……once she’s running it will go all day no problems …….(I remove the TWAT  sticker from my head and place it on his)   broken windscreen, no wing mirrors,  passenger door will not open, tailgate and back bumper rotting and hanging off  …. it’s  just what we are looking for so we can fly under the radar in Belize. I start to drive down the road and the steering is all over the place ….it was being like at the fair on the dodgems and whirlitzer at the same time, I could turn the steering wheel through 90 degrees and the truck didn’t move …..so we stopped, turned around and went back ….don’t really think it’s what we are looking for  ….Legna says well I have never noticed the steering .YEAH RIGHT…….he gives us a good price but we decline. He also has land but his prices are crazy so we smile sweetly, hop back on our belized bikes and cycle off.

We then go and see the other truck …we meet the guy, a spanish landscaper and I am instantly suspicious as the truck looks too good (so what the hells wrong with it?)   he tells me he has lost his job and has to repay the money for the truck. It also appears to have 15K miles on it for a 1999 ….the paintwork is great ….in good condition inside …he wants  £2700  for it   …it seems a lot i say (a steal)  The well kept spongy grass is concealing a swarm of mosquitoes and as i swat, rivers of blood cascade down my calves…..So, the truck starts first time and he says he has the title but I will look at some more trucks and may come back and take it to a mechanic to have a look at..leave him to sweat for a day …Our knowledgeable B&B owner takes us to his mechanic friend who says he’ll look at it so I take it round with the seller and they know each other and converse in Spanish ( lets screw this dickhead gringo over, I’m guessing how the conversation went).  I ask him to look for rust and so we scramble under it and it’s immaculate  ..I remind the mechanic that if he stuffs me over I will tell all the other gringo’s and I also want to bring it back for a service.  He then shows me a small oil leak of no significance. It’s Friday afternoon, 3pm  now and the transport office is shut……we agree to meet on Monday to complete the transaction. This all goes smooth and hey presto! we are now the proud owners of  a truck…..there is no MOT over here so it’s just yearly insurance £100 and registration at the end of this month £30 .

Things that happened whilst buying the truck ….we moved from the B&B and we are now in our rental place on the lagoon. The place is on concrete stilts about 12 feet above the ground and has cooling breezes blowing through it all day long. It’s modern, clean, light and airy and has a high vaulted ceiling …wonderful and relaxing.  A perfect temporary “home sweet home”.  The owners live in a house nearby and are really cool and friendly. It was right at the top end of our budget but we’d rather be comfortable for 4 months and downgrade after when we have acclimatised.  Jjust before we moved in we did get offered  to do a housesitting but we think we’ve made the right choice here.  They have two dogs which we got on with straight away and they lay outside our door on the steps ,so there is no worry about  security.

Lagoon pad

We went to the bank Wednesday morning to pick up our bank card.  It hadn’t arrived and she said we should come back on Friday morning.  So we rock up on Friday and sure enough our bank card had arrived…so we receive the sealed envelope and it has a stamp in big letters received Tuesday ….basically they couldn’t be arsed to go over to the drawer and take it out on the Wednesday….well going back did give us something to do! :).

On Monday we actually managed to get money out of our account after taking a reference into the bank with someone elses utility bill. They checked the utility bill  “”it hasn’t got your name on”, “nope you asked for a utility bill” …OK sir no problem …over here if you jump through the hoops  and tick the boxes  ….that’s all they want.

We have started to use the local market on a regular basis and the fresh stuff is nearly as good as you get at home ..but the prices are much cheaper and the local papayas are as big as marrows back in the UK  and only 50p..bananas 9 for 30p, onions, peppers, tomatoes,  basically anything you want…..H makes a mean salsa dip in a matter of minutes and it’s delicious.

We have been to see 4 Mennonite houses ..some good some bad ..yesterday we went to see our friend on the bay in the jungle whilst driving down a track H spotted a wooden house ..we turned back, pulled up (yep we are shameless nosy cheeky gits) and we managed to get a tour of their new house….to coin a phrase ” it’s the dogs bollocks” and the price is within our range….so the little shack we were gonna build may be better than we initially envisaged….but we will see how it pans out .

We got a lift to our rental with me and the bags and bikes in the back of a pick up truck.. ..the driver was a contender for the next years grand prix, she also is a speed freak on a jet ski ..whirling,  jumping and doing 360 turns….but alas is shit at darts  🙂

H  is sporting 3 large bruises across her arse…they actually look like 3  large patches of shit, black brown in colour.  We were on the bikes and I went through a puddle.  She says I slowed down so she braked (back pedalled) and toppled over.  I heard an “oh Shit”  turned round to find her flapping about in a huge shit caked muddy puddle!…” are you alright ” with a poker straight face….  ( nearly pissed myself, laughing so hard inside  ) So I dragged her out, we were only going to see a couple in a Mennonite house….. talk about first impression! :)…But that doesn’t count down here, you wear what you want , no one bats an eyelid …..just how we like it!


3 responses

  1. Anna Rusienczyk

    So happy for you. Brilliant!

    September 6, 2011 at 6:01 pm

  2. Donna

    Love that pic of the security dogs!

    September 18, 2011 at 3:41 am

    • i’ll ask the owner ..they may be for sale 🙂

      September 19, 2011 at 2:56 am

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