A new life in Belize


Now we are down here and settling in, we are beginning to build our contacts up.  They have a thing down here for expats called the friendship list ..which is a really good idea for getting people together and talking about where they get stuff from or what is a good place to hang out. Our first initiation was to attend the darts tournament at a local bar on the bay …i never have been much of a darts player but we went with high hopes of a win ..NEWS FLASH we need to practice more! but we faired well and caused quite a stir at one point..never the less we left after 5 hours of darts ..LOSERS!  🙂

This week we have seen two snakes ..corn snakes  i think one underneath a boat we were moving and one climbing up up a friends television wire .first one slithered away at speed , the other was flicked to the ground by a rather long broom handle.  A local woman we were talking to at the darts was stung in bed by a scorpion luckily on the hand, with no i’ll effects.

The truck has been running like a dream after our last visit to Belize where we had a blow out with no jack and a crappy wheel brace , i undid and retightened all the wheel nuts and tried the jack out …went like a dream. During this inspection i lifted the bonnet to find the battery hanging by the wires  in the middle of the engine ..A LUCKY FIND….one of the main reasons i looked under the bonnet was that we took the monster of all speed bumps at about 5 miles  an hour smashing the bottom of the truck ……luckily no harm done ..but lesson learned!  Better slow down Speedy Gonzalez!
We had heavy rain for the first time by the lagoon and i took advantage to do something i put off for 3 years in the uk ..yep i cleaned the car..it was bucketing down ..but the rain was warm and  quite refreshing.

eco car wash

 Whilst walking through the market we saw a pair of wellies sat on their own, it was baking hot and 36 degrees and they had H’s name written all over them! (short arse on the sole!) Now there is a saying in Belize if you see it, buy it as you’ll probably never see them again! So i Got H to try them on and BINGO they were her size and only £7.  This was a cunning ploy on my behalf as if it’s  raining she now has the APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR  to go outside and get piss wet through 🙂 

As your know we only bought 1 suitcase each, Helen’s was full of clothes and mine had a few things we wanted to bring. Now Belize is notorious for not being able to get decent lamps so i decided we would bring the very fragile Tiffany lamp, well we got it here it has a few battle scars and needs a little repair job doing on it but all in all it survived. Well i went to the hardware store for a bulb ..EASY RIGHT  ..nope! they only do screw fittings no bayonet lug types  Ok so i purchase the screw fitting and the bulb (remarkably the guy in the store tested it to prove it was working). Most of the stores have big signs “no guarantees , no refunds or replacements” ….thats right if you buy a brand new fridge get it home and it doesn’t work.. TOUGH LUCK  …No Watch Dog Anne Robinson over here :)..so now whilst i ‘m there i might as well change the plug  ..this took 10 mins to explain i just wanted a normal plug that fits in to the socket on the wall ..yep it was shit quality and i had to tape the front on..(Nope it’s not PAT tested)  so they have no little plastic wire connectors so a quick twist of the wires together and a good tape job and the deed is done ..dusk starts to fall and the H says lets have the lamp on ….BANG!  the house is in darkness…..we find the junction box NEW STYLE and reset . I then do a MARK  2  rewire and we are now bathing in glorious tiffany light 🙂

Hells wells

Damned LampWell yesterday we got invited to a BBQ at the owners of our rental property ..just a little gathering so went to Caribbean chick and got some breast and leg ..everyone else rocked up with big chickens cut into quaters ..H said where did you get those ..Caribbean chicken there not on display YOU HAVE TO ASK ...a bit like going to the pictures and they keep the pop corn out of sight under the counter BONKERS :). Just before the BBQ the heavens opened and the BBQ proved to hard to get going there was lots of smoke and fanning but to no avail the chicken was done in the house ,whilst another darts tournamenttook place .. the Goat Man proved to be the BOMB and he's marinated his chicken in some special mix ..it was gorgeous and we swilleed it down with a little tipple of mango juice and Caribbean rum...CHEERSJust before the down pourLagoon frontageLagoon frontage

We had some good news from the UK and i take everything back i uttered as i filled in the NON UK CITIZEN FORMS before we left, that those bunch of number crunching wankers would definately fuck this one up. Well in 3 weeks they managed to sort out H’s and mine tax rebates ..yep mine paid for the truck and H’s a few belikin beers  :). Other news is that my old man who’s just started playing bowls has whipped everyones arses and has been asked to play for the county next year..LIFE BEGINS AT 70   go natty 🙂

5 responses

  1. Jill

    Love Helen’s gumboots! They will be a great fashion statement. Can Darleen borrow them if she has to walk in the jungle at night again?
    Nice little truck.
    Don’t be to confident about UK tax department, we went in before we left, sorted everything! Then they began to hound us for money for years(what money we sorted everything???), my father in law went in, friends went in, every man and his dog went in for us…. finally finally we went back and “oh yes it was a mistake we did not owe them anything”!!
    Penny will be proud of your eco car wash!
    Good on your dad!

    September 13, 2011 at 12:30 am

    • Unlike you and phyll , H & I were not convicted tax fraudsters , i hear they are building a new caye in Belize for your return Jill called Devils island 2 ..there is no way hattiville could hold you 🙂

      September 13, 2011 at 3:15 am

  2. Sam Dawson

    I love catching up with all your stories of your amazing life in Belize… I wish I was as brave! When I left the UK it took me 11 months to get my tax back! so well done on that! And by the way… we call those GUMBOOTS!

    September 13, 2011 at 3:31 am

  3. The Boss

    Body of an athlete Dave.
    how little i knew………..

    September 15, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    • Well ..things might improve a little as soon as a find a kayak … Nope……… no kayaks on sale in BELIZE .
      Hope your enjoying the blog …chance to escape the madness 🙂

      September 15, 2011 at 10:23 pm

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