A new life in Belize

Fauna ,Flora & Flying things

So the rental place is great ..it gets a breeze all day and night we hardly ever have the fan on..what a find  :). in the advert for the property it says “sleeps 2 ” , this is not factually true as we there are 7 sleeping here at the moment us and a family of 5 gecko’s ,we have named them all our favourites being “little Lenny”  who stars in the photo and 3 legged Lenny who is very elusive   off every time my 5 foot hooter gets near  him  :). They have really taken to H , she frequently receives golden showers and shit parcels, although the culprit has not been identified at this point ( just like the thousands of crimes in Belize , DNA focuses highly in the legal system down here  DID  NOTHING  about it).




Now out the back of the rental is a Banana tree and a Papaya (Paw Paw) tree. Papaya’s are a main fruit crop up here in Corozal and so like anything else locally grown they are cheap . We buy these from the market and ripen them up at house. The best place for this is on the veranda , now nothing has been said, but i got to thinking the other day i wonder if the owners think we are nicking their papaya’s and ripening them up  🙂 ..if the owner is reading this ..ask the guy under cover in the market and he’ll tell you ” i’ve never seen this papaya eating Gringo”  :).

Outside the window

Outside the window

 Well there was terror in the skies across Belize last week ,H was sleeping soundly as normal ( Bone)  and then there was a huge commotion and the house got buzzed by one of the Belize air force fighter jet flying at less than 50 feet over the ground. I had early on in the week witnessed the Belize airforce equivalent of the Red Arrows (UK) or Blue Angels (USA) practicing very low over Corozal bay  just skimming the water…on closer inspection it was 5 pelicans flying in formation :). The attached picture is of the latest modern Belize Fighter they really know how to make you feel safe :)…i told a local about this high tech aircraft and to my dismay  they confirmed it was just a crop sprayer..but if war ever broke out i’m sure it would be their “stealth Bomber” equivalent .

Stealth Bomber

Stealth Bomber

 This coming Wednesday is the Belize 30 years of independence from the UK  Celebrations  now this is quite apt because it took me 30 years to realise just how bad things are under UK rule. they have done a great job of putting bunting up and decorating the square it has been 2 weeks of non stop celebration as there was a commemoration of a decisive naval battle  where a small english fleet fought off a Spanish Armada ..on par with the Sir Frances Drake story but less ships on the english side and instead of playing bowls before they went to fight …they drank BELKIN BEER  :). There will be big parades and floats going through the streets ..this will be on a par with a royal wedding back home …i wonder how many ton’s of Ganja will be smoked in this festive period? ……YEAH  MAN

Belize  Birthday

Belize Birthday

 On friday we are gonna venture into Belize City (are you crazy i hear you shout )   Ross Kemp did his series on gangs there ” i’m now standing out side of the car ,this is one of the 5 places in the world where your most likely to be shot dead”  i remember him saying……well  i heard there is a place that sells kayaks and fishing supplies , so i’m taking the risk  i can use the kayak as a shield and fishing rod as a spear if i get into trouble ..failing that as we start to run off  i’ll mistakenly trip H over and write about the massacre  in the next blog 🙂

S0! all in all we have done sod all this week…………..and it’s great!! 🙂



One response

  1. Jill

    Glad life is good!

    Dave I saw a kayak cheap on friendship list email…

    September 25, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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