A new life in Belize

Hawaii 5 0

Well we started a search for kayaks about 5 weeks ago ….150 miles of coast line and numerous islands ..the place should be over run with sea faring craft  off all descriptions …GUESS AGAIN . Belize is desperate to get from the 1800’s into the 21st century unfortunately they have a little tax law that kills any chance of advancement . On the one side this suits us to the ground because the sprawl and commercilisation witnessed in Mexico has had no effect on Belize . The flip side is that Belize wants everyone in belize to buy from belize to boost the economy , but there is nothing to buy inside the country it’s the worse catch 22 senario i have ever seen. Anyway i wasn’t going to give up easily in my quest …they have a thing called the Belize  Forum where alot of good information on what, where ,how, who  is talked about ..so i joined and posted ” Wanted any kind of kayaks /canoes/ 1 man /2 man” this would bring an immeadiate response right  NOPE ..next i posted on the local friendship mailing list and again no replies alas …i then hear there is an place called DUKE marine in Belize city i find their website and bingo they have a Kayak in stock  so i ring up …….It’s  the equivalent of £1000 or 4 of my old cars..but i really want one and smile sweetly, but  H  says “no way, Jose”!!    Then i’m on facebook talking to a friend on the pennisula and she sends me an e-mail  – kayak for sale £100  so i ring the guy up and tell him i’ll have it , the next day sold unseen ..yep crazy i know but worth the risk considering the £1000 duke marine want  so we go to Belize city and call in at Duke marine for some fishing gear …the place is fantastic everything you want and quite reasonable considering we are in Belize …don’t get me wrong it’s cheap down here but when you want something of quality you pay through the nose TWICE….quality is an unknown word in Belize. We drive down a 15 mile dirt track to get the kayak the road is a nightmare for haemorrhoid sufferers ..luckily i’m full of shit  and bounce happily along for 15 miles…though i will NEVER EVER drive that road again. We end up having 3 e-mails from friends down here and a couple of phone calls about the same kayak ,so networking really does work down here . The kayak needs a few bungee cords replacing and some new seats ..buts it’s fantastic …i  have just taken it out on the lagoon ..it’s perfect…H  is yet to venture out as there are stories of a large croc…maybe I will send her out to find it so I know to keep away from that area!!!

Lagoon Cruiser

Lagoon Cruiser

We do the rounds every week or so to see the people we have met over the 4 years we’ve been coming down and call in on Roberto and  Juliette and they are having a BBQ  – well we are not ones to upset folk by turning down home made burgers and chicken legs. I have disguised roberto a little to hide his blushes as he strolls around naked …H  says  i’ll pass ……..on the sausage :). For those at Solway  ..no it’s not Shaun Smith from Planning …but an uncanny resemblence….though i’ve never seen him with his clothes off..unlike Micheal 🙂

Naturist BBQ

Naturist BBQ

Not so good news is that we nearly walked in on burglars whilst visiting our friends house, we must have spooked them as they ran off into the Jungle.  They carry away some small stuff but his suitcase was in the middle of the floor filled with all his expensive electricals and there was an ice cold ,half drunk bottle of belikin beer on the side…now if you’ve been to belize you’ll know…..if u get an ice cold beer out the fridge , take the bottle top off and blink the beer starts to boil it’s that hot here..well i picked it up and it was ice cold so they just scarpered…our friend arrived back at his house and i fitted him a new lock on the door. He now has burglar bars and dogs so ,thats sorted that problem.  I put the picture of the turtle below to promote positive calmness ….and our friend did his bit and bought a high powered pellet gun just in case 🙂

Taken from the rental propery


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