A new life in Belize




Zeus (aka einstein) has settled in marvelously ….he will now sit ,fetch a stick , come back on command and be a right little sod at all other times 🙂 .  H keeps reminding me he is still only a puppy as the guy i got him off didn’t get to spend much time with him. He sleeps faithfully out side the door at night on the patio on ” High Alert”  . I went kayaking today and he followed me into the water so i went out into the middle of the bay so he would turn back round and go back to the house …NOPE he kept swimming out to me so i had to haul him into the kayak and start to paddle back to shore ..remember he has only been swimming for a week and never really out his depth…zeus and i returned safely , i went back out and the water was crystal clear you could see right to the bottom and is about 6% salt water so quite a pleasure to swim in though you have to go out about 200 metres to do this.The fishing has picked up, i was using big lures for fishing ….the owner had bought some nice new small spinners as  soon as i switched to them i was catching fish every day ..Yellow tails  from the Bay to frying pan in 5 mins with a splash of freshly picked and squeezed limes. The house is set in 4 acres and has an abundance of coconut trees, i can get into a coconut in about 10 mins at the moment …5 is my goal  …..the milk is so sweet and if you pick them green it’s super sweet and you can get the coconut flesh out using your thumb YUMMY.

So the big news is the 2 Doberman bitiches we bought from Belmopan ,6 week old sisters ..i don’t like saying it ..BUT  very  cute with razor sharp teeth and claws. We had them in the house all night due to a risk of them catching Parvo virus and yep like babies they kept ME up all night …Now i know why i decided not to have children …Nope not because one of me is enough for the world , but because they are VERY demanding..So i went and got some chicken wire and found two bits of plywood and bought an old pallet from Cinty’s (no gaurantee) hardware store for £1.25   and knocked a shelter up for them on the varanda ….now both them and we are sleeping soundly and i’m used to the 6 times a day feeding ,  i have picked shit out of my garden for 16 years ….i have just trained H to shit pick ..though she does look quite fetching in her stripey wellingtons …i saw some black wellies for £7 so i had them. i’m a size 9 right, well the size 11 just about fit me it’s a squeeze..i was careful to recall what happens when you wear the wrong size wellingtons ” Fracture to the scaphoid bone”   ( ex work colleagues will know all about this  )

little rascals

little Rascals

As you can see my beard has gone and H has cut my hair ..may be one day i’ll be brave enough to shave it all off ..or may be it’ll just drop out of it’s own accord from the STRESS  :).  We are close to buying some land but it’s TOP SECRET ..so i’ll fill you in after a month or so when it’s finalised but we are over the moon …..anyone who’s planning to come over and stay will be blown away with the location …UNLESS  you are CITY SLICKERS  🙂  then Belize isn’t for you anyway :).  H has just reminded me to mention my invention for moving the kayak as it weighs about 50lbs but is an awkward load ( wheres Precious McKenzie when you need him!!!) so i decided i’d get some wheels to take the weight at one end then just push it to the shore. So I thought… I know i’ll go to the tip people always throw good stuff away …NOT in BELIZE  ..there is nothing there bar plastic and food waste when i get there ..i’m a little disappointed and i’ve taken the yard man with me to help lug my FREE prize ..but only Vultures circling and a few people rumaging through the trash. On my way back to the house i spot a PRAM thrown to the side of the road ..ideal for what i want ..i tell the yard man to go fetch it and put it in to the back of the truck..he gets out, points, ( he only speaks Spanish ) and puts it in the back of the truck ..i get back pleased as punch and show Helen what i’ve got ..she says whats that for? i say to wheel the kayak to the shore ..she bursts out laughing …IT’S GOT NO WHEELS..well no wonder the yard man looked at me like a Crazy Gringo and we all fall about laughing! 

The Bitches

The Bitches


4 responses

  1. Jacques

    Now a true Belizean man, with a couple b*(hes backup. And you are right about throw away stuff. If you can think of a use for it, it already is by a Belizean and probably serving multi purposes.

    October 9, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    • Jacques ..talking of multi uses ..that boat you had in your back yard ..well i towed it over here and turnrd it upside down it makes a great dog house for Zeus

      October 9, 2011 at 10:55 pm

  2. Lou

    Brig on the yellow tails! When’s the house ready?!!! Xx

    October 17, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    • We are ready when you are lou …but Belize has a ban on mud wrestling ..so you’ll have to TONE IT DOWN 🙂

      October 17, 2011 at 11:27 pm

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