A new life in Belize

The Sun has stopped

We’ve been down here for 2 months  now and how time has  flown and has been wall to wall sunshine, this week we got a shock to the system the temp dropped below 80 degree’s …SHOCK HORROR   no one said it was gonna be cold :). I diligently check the weather for Atlantic hurricanes and everything seemed to be in order and we are fast approaching the end of hurricane season (BUT WE’RE NOT THERE YET!!!!!)  i get up and see fog ..no  one told us about this either ….(the next time i see the lonely  planet writer i’m  having a word in his shell like )  i send a message to my eco friends across the bay  and they say  no fog there  strange all i need now is some hook wielding maniacs dressed in sower westers and i could make a film it’s very still and eerie…i go outside and here a commotion something unseen moving getter closer out of the fog……… bounds Zeus  his paws blood red …yep the litte git is covered in red sand and runs all over the patio walkway. If you ever go to Kauai  in Hawaii at Waimia there is a place that makes t-shirts and they use 1 bucket of red dirt to dye a 1000 t-shirts ..well this must be from the same batch it takes ages for H to scrub it all off but i congratulate her on her wrist action..can’t repeat the response :).

The fog lifts and the sun comes out ..then we hear a rumble oh there might be a storm  coming  have you checked the weather  H says ..yep nothing to worry about ……3 days later we still have not seen the sun and a foot of water has fallen …the thunder  physically shakes the room as the lightening cracks all around.  I called in to our next door eco neighbours and they have guests staying ….i said did you sleep last night they said yep no problems …”we live in Tornado Alley”   ( more like Bullshit Alley) if you got an air bomb and lit it in your bedroom it still wouldn’t be as loud . The owner of the house Bertlam rang us last week and said be careful with the water usage or the tank will run out ..somehow i think we are gonna be ok for a while…….



I’m trying to get the ride on mower going for Carlos our new yard man..to make his life as easy as possible …i determine the battery is shot and go to get a new one …….the batteries down here are about £80 and last 2 years  max whilst there i see i picture of the owners son holding up a 6 foot Tarpon ,which was caught last October..( I practically salver)     eagerly ask him where and he describes an island up the coast which i have never seen ,but recall someone referring to it as Blackbird island ..i get  back home and jump in the kayak and head up the coast after 45  minutes. i’m at the island and circumnavigate it and have a chat with some locals fishing …Any  luck   i shout …the response tells all  ” the sea is dry today my friend”  so i stow my stuff and paddle back before dusk 5 minutes later the water boils and fish are jumping everywhere ..i scramble for my rod and by the time i’m ready they are gone (Another lesson learnt ..always have one in the chamber) It  has rained so heavy that there is water gushing into the bay from the jungle it sounds like a water it’s very loud and strange to here in the tranquil surroundings.

Red sky in the morning ,gringo warning

Red sky in the morning ,gringo warning

Other things happened this week …we had a MELON GLUT …so guess whats for lunch 🙂  I drove the eco lady’s truck into town she calls it “The Beast”  its a rot box i call it “A Piece of Shit”  …BUT will love it to bits if i get stuck in the mud sometime in the future and again for my chores H and i had the home made chocolate cookies our eco friend made that were out of this world …..my first chocolate since leaving the uk we got six and had one a day for 3 days (F*cking liar i hear all my old work mates shout )  ..We watched the F1 gran prix started at midnight here but turned out to be a good scrap …we have been woken by gunshots in the night by hunters  in the jungle ..i always let H get up and have a look ..those stray bullets can be killers  :)……So my pot of gold find this week was a 3.5mm jack to jack connector for my mp3 from the “No guarantee’s”  place cost 2 quid, i’d been looking all over for one …now we can play our shit music to the jungle as opposed to listening to all the spanish garble that sounds the same …My first song to the Belize Jungle was …”The Skids ..in to the valley 1979 ”  . i think it went down well cos that evening the frog chorus was even louder than normal   🙂

Carlos with mandatory gloves and glasses .."Health and safety has arrived in Belize"

Carlos with mandatory gloves and glasses .."Health and safety has arrived in Belize"


3 responses

  1. Jill

    I just love that eco lady with the beast!
    I also love H, so in future you check out the gun shots!!!!

    October 17, 2011 at 4:59 pm

  2. Tracy

    Love your new dog stop hiding behind H you wimp miss you both

    October 18, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    • Get well soon …when you get back to work NOTHING will have changed..apart from the labour percentage 🙂

      October 18, 2011 at 5:28 pm

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