A new life in Belize

Holsters ,Hurricanes and Hitchers

We were going to start off with the weather as it seemed to dominate the week , until this afternoon.  I decided to go kayaking up the coast to track down the elusive baracuda. I got all my stuff together and set off. I was about 100 meters from the shoreline heading up the coast when I  heard 4 loud gunshots and the water infront  of the kayak  was splashing into the air!   3 guys were shooting a target from the shore and the bullets were hitting the water ..So what do you do in a situation like that …………….  A) Call the police       B)Turn around quickly and get the hell outta there       C)  Shout at them and paddle straight towards them.        Yep you guessed it   choice C …I shouted at them to stop ..which they did ..then I paddled straight towards them ….Got off the kayak and basically told them the police were patrolling and looking for guys with guns and they better leave quickly as my wife would have already phoned the police (like they are interested).  Unbelievably they apologised and took off . Was that belize’s  first ever  SUSA  conversation…….. 🙂       Hopefully they’ll tell their friends about the crazy gringo and the police patrols ……  I went back to the house and H was milling about …I said ” I’m ok”  and she looked up and said “oh why’s that”  ..i said “the gunfire”… “oh that” she said, and continued to sweep up!!…..either she has got used to the gunfire or ……………….   🙂

Crazy Gringo

Crazy Gringo

So the storm to the south of us grew into a hurricane, 2nd fastest one on record from intial storm warning to hurricane….much was written about it and the forecasters were really hyping it up to smash into Cancun  ..but luckily for everyone it turned out to be…… a slight amount of flatulence and much  ado about nothing……a close shave though and I’m sure there will be plenty more over the coming years .We were hoping to top the water tank up but didn’t even get a splash.  We are not complaining though  🙂

Missed by a knats .............

Missed by a knats .............

We have been using Skype now ..some people have already been unlucky enough to see our ugly mugs!  our Skype user name is bayduo1   ..i figured we would put in under “H’s”  name ,as who would ever intentionally want me  gawping at them :)….our mates had a dinner party on Saturday and teased us with photo’s of the food and the home made Orange wine ….my mouth was watering as I really do love Cointreau ..this has now spurred me on to make some local  grog. I’m gonna talk to the eco people across the bay Benny and Jill as I have sampled his fine grog before…gonna start off small  ..50 litre batch ..remember there’s not a whole lot else to  do around here :)………I have despatched my first scorpion as Zeus was just about to try eating it ..only have jaguars and crocs left to see, and have arranged a kayaking expedition down a river in a couple of weeks time to see crocs ..hope they are well fed  🙂    (note to self =  take H and sit her in the front)……I was asleep the other morning and was woken by a generator noise outside the house so i got up… and realised it was the sound from thousands of Mosquito’s outside the window …they had gone though within a couple of hours, as like vampires, they don’t like the hot sun  :)…………Well halloween is upon us and we sat around looking at the photo’s from our parties on previous years ..remembering all the great costumes ( and ball ache getting it ready) and hope everyone continued to enjoy the blood thirsty piss up night  :)…wonder if the people who bought our old house had any unwelcome visitors  ….SPADE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Mosquito eater hitching a ride on top of my fishing rod

A Mosquito eater hitching a ride on top of my fishing rod


4 responses

  1. Jacques

    i Love reading your blog my breast reduction surgery went very well.

    October 31, 2011 at 12:25 am

    • Great news on the op Jacques

      keep the comments coming ..they are always entertaining 🙂

      October 31, 2011 at 2:22 am

  2. Gday guys, glad the Cancun Doctor missed you on the way through.

    Nice wildlife shots (especially the one of you holding the rod and kayak) Glad to see you are both still enjoying the adventure.

    I will give the Skype thing a go soon, (might be a little hard due to 13 hour time difference)
    Please take notice of this as i need as much beauty sleep as I can get.

    All the best …… Bev n Clive

    November 2, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    • it’s 14 hours….as for the beauty sleep don’t bother someone as ugly as you could only get better looking with age 🙂
      H says a big “MISS YA ” to both of you xxx
      Watch out for the sharks in the water quite a few great white attacks in recent months …we’re gonna need a bigger boat 🙂

      November 2, 2011 at 1:09 pm

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