A new life in Belize

Life’s a beach for us and a Bitch for you …..

Life has got even easier this week , as we took the puppies to the vet to get their second lot of jabs ..they weigh 14 pounds each now and the vet said it would be ok for Zeus and them to spend some time together so we all (Them and me ) go for a walk around the 4acres every morning and Zeus shows them how to go on. First time in the sea was a bit of a drama ……..  To get nice beaches you have to go down south or over to Caye Caulker 20 mins in a plane, as the jungle comes right upto the shore.  So we were on the shoreline and I found this little sandy cove whilst chasing the pups ,so I have taken it upon myself to tidy it up a little and H will be able to lounge by the sea shouting for rum punch. It has become a project – it’s not on the land we are on but the shoreline cannot be owned by anyone in Belize and there is no one else around so it will give us our own  little Robinson Crusoe beach.  You can’t see anyone elses house ..so it might become a nudist beach from time to time ILLEGAL  in Belize ..though H comments chances of anyone seeing my tackle is very slim (pardon the pun)  :)….. so heres Zeus and the pups on the little beach area ..should look nice in a weeks time!

H Cove

H Cove

I see Bonfire night was upon all the UK folks ..surprisingly it must have caught on over here as night fell on the 5th Nov we could smell burning ..was it someone having a guy fawkes party ?  i was gonna venture out ……but H said I’d best be careful as a scruffy git walking around at night could easily be mistaken for guy fawkes and thrown onto said bonfire 🙂  …it turned out to be the tip about a mile away sometimes they set it alight ..no saving the ozone down  here ..I was amused to log onto the BBC news web site and watch the OBAN fireworks display scheduled for 30 minutes ..there was a slight technical hitch and everything went off in a minute……very entertaining!    I was speaking to a friend in the UK and he asked us what we missed ..a little thing…  it has to be Bisto gravy 🙂  the one thing that we brought from the UK was a 1950’s egg poacher ..it’s a godsend and gets quite a lot of use …just makes us laugh at all the things we left behind this has proved to be the best thing we brought …Go feast your eyes 🙂

How do you like your eggs.... H replies ...unfertilised

How do you like your eggs.... H replies ...unfertilised

I have found a good fishing spot and had a great take on my crocodile lure the other day ..fantastic bend in the rod ..but threw the hook ..so i’ll be back to that spot ..also caught a 2 foot barracuda the other day and cooked it up for tea,  great steamed in butter  with a fresh squeezed lime on top ..just watch the bones ..i was very  impressed and a little worried as H said if i swallowed a bone she would perform the “Hind Lick” manouvre…..well we are in the jungle and nobody would hear my screams  :)….Anyway I corrected her on her little mistake!  We have had our second melon glut  and there will another in about 3 weeks, also coconuts just fall everyday from the trees and we are gonna start planting some vegetables.  In the mean time we have a fruit platter for lunch most days …..alot better than the pound of midget gems i used to eat everyday at work!

Secretly i miss the Midget Gems

Secretly i miss the Midget Gems


3 responses

  1. david newton

    Looks gorgeous guys, your own little beach im loving that, how are your tans coming along anyways??
    Lisa xxx

    November 8, 2011 at 12:46 pm

  2. Graham

    Hi dave,looks like your having a good time , I’ll keep my eye on your posts ! Keep posting the pictures it makes it real. You need a rifle to hunt some wild boar and bring your sharpshooter days back

    February 14, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    • Hi Grey , good to hear from you ..may be a reunion of you me and roger is on the cards in the future ? Enjoy the snow 🙂

      February 14, 2012 at 11:43 pm

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