A new life in Belize

The Good ,The Bad & The Ugly

Zeus had a date with destiny this week …yep it was his time to fixed …so we made an appointment with the locally known wicked witch vetinarian …. now this lady has a reputation for not pulling punches ..i remember taking Zeus to her the day after i got him ..she blasted me for the state of the ticks he had ..i only picked him up yesterday i said….fell on  deaf ears…….. it was like a scene from the Wizard of Oz ..the evil Wizard turned out to be a meek pussy cat ..or did i just catch her on a good  day  :)…..well everything went well and he’s made a complete recovery ….In the uk  £300    …in Belize £35  including rabies and full host of shots …mmmm remind me why i left the UK ?

Zeus full recovery

Zeus full recovery

So Zeus has been doing so well with the pups, showing them around, so now they are spending more time together ..he likes to laze around looking like butter wouldn’t melt and the pups continually play fight over old coconut husks. I lent Carlos my $US140 sunglasses the other day ..well he came back and said he lost them …i said Carlos you really need to find them so he went looking and found them ……the next day i joined Carlos for a cold drink under the palapa and placed my sun glasses on the table ..H shouted me over to help hang some washing out …i obliged (grudglingly)  then heard a crunching sound …turned round and Zeus had chewed one of the arms of my sun glasses and popped out one of the lense’s ..You little #*%$*? (sod)   Carlos looked across and and quipped  “Now $1dollar glasses”  my annoyance faded into a fit of laughter ..no point crying over spilt  milk …i did however chain him up and he missed his tea….. how could he go from being so good to so bad?… ..H  quipped  “he’s only a puppy”  which always gets him off the hook 🙂 Anyway, luckily i managed to repair them…just!  as u can see below, Zeus moped for the rest of the day…after “learning his lesson”!  Later that day we went to play 3 card brag at Eco Lady’s house ..to say she never has played cards before she can do that casino shuffle with the cards …say’s she just learn’t  when she was bored mmmmmm we got fleeced by her …we took her a melon and she made home made jungle pizza …..Frog & Tarantula legs with snake …..   (just kidding) it was meat feast with two cheese topping  bloody gorgeous made from scratch .. no wonder her husband stays with her ..You should see her  TOSS  🙂

Bad Boy

Bad Boy

So our friend Bertlam has had car trouble – it broke down when he was here in October ..they fixed it so i went to pick it up.  It’s a 3 litre V6 but a wet fart has more power …..they said ..this is normal ….i said ..i don’t think so, so left it with them ..they called me up after a week and said come and collect..so i took it for a test drive the owner said ..you will notice the difference now ..so i jumped in with the mechanic thinking I’m Lewis Hamilton………..it’s an automatic so i pressed my foot on the pedal to see this “improved power”  it shot up to 5000rpm, wouldn’t change into the next gear and started spluttering …i looked at the mechanic and he said don’t drive it so fast, if you drive it slowly it will be fine! I said …what if i want to overtake?   he said…..hmmm that may be big problem  (duh)…  ..Well Bertlam is a cross between Evil Kenevil and Micheal Schumacher ..so he’s definitely not going to drive slowly …the owner said it’s fixed there is nothing wrong with  it ….he set off to test drive it and H and I passed him pulled up at a junction ..GOING NOWHERE ..mmmmm back to the pits i think!  well i since have had an e-mail from the Garage to Bertlam saying the car is driving great …Thats Belize for you!   ………. Whilst i was doing some clean up work on the beach a saw a guy just up the beach with a pair of tan swimming shorts on with his back to me i thought ..i’d say hi …he turned around there were no tan swim shorts  NUDIST …mmmm well how do you shake hands with a naked man …lets hope he don’t find H cove ..don’t fancy the competition in the trouser department  :)…below is a picture of the cosmopolitan Belize CITY   where  one third of the country’s population reside……The clear  message we get is if you go DO NOT cross the Bridge …this warning sounds like the one we got from a naval officer in Key West, Florida .. the commanding officier said if you go on Duvall Street  DO NOT Pass the CLOCK if you want your ass to stay intact!   we did pass the clock and ended up in Bourbon 801 bar (ass intact) …… we won’t be crossing the bridge  🙂

Belize City

Belize City


3 responses

  1. Jill

    yes she sure can shuffle, it comes from playing “fish”, war and snap with her son when he was young!
    Hey I know the who the nudist is lol!!!!!

    November 14, 2011 at 1:09 am

    • Bet you you do know the nudist ..they don’t call you SWINGER JILL for nothing 🙂

      November 14, 2011 at 12:23 pm

  2. You were lucky to get out of Key West intact i left intatters 🙂

    November 16, 2011 at 11:42 am

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