A new life in Belize

Perils of Paradise

The land purchase is bubbling along nicely in the back ground, Bertlam has had this builder down here trying to meet him for 2 years ..i said things are slow in belize ..so we all go over to meet him at his place on the lagoon and have one of the best burgers we have ever had anywhere ..and yes it was from belize..even with fried onions and cheese, the guy asks us our plans and he gets invited over a couple of days later to look at some work for Bertlam and whilst he’s there we talk about building our little house. We all sit under the palapa drinking when Helen says “oh my god!” and stares at something ..i instantly start moving away from her, ready to “GET HELP”  🙂 ..it’s a 7 foot yellow and green snake less than 3 feet away! …Our ninja builder guy jumps up and pounces on it (the tattoo on his arm denotes a special forces ensigna )  no problem for him ..he encourages us to put it around our necks for a photo …er don’t think so, the trouser snake doesn’t get to go anywhere near H’s face, so what chance does a real snake have! 🙂 ….the snake is released wihout harm :)..non poisionous thank goodness.

Snake charmer

Snake charmer

 Bertlam has a ride on mower and it had some slight attention and was ready for the yardman to use, we had test drove it already and it worked like a dream ..i started it up just before Carlos arrived and the blade drive belt snapped. On closer inspection the rubber had perished as the hot climate is not friendly to all things mechanical down here. So we went into town to buy a new one ..first to the mower repair guy who was not in, so we went to the “no guarantee”  shop. Their drive belts were not the right size so she sent us to another store… they didn’t have any…they sent us to another store ….then we finally get to the proper store where they definitely would have them……. and it was closed! ..Yep  Belize! …so it’s closed on a Friday… the main shopping day ..but even more incredible, the only road to Belize City which runs through town was closed ..it’s a kind of  a dual carriage way in a loose sense of the term but they were carrying out maintenance on the power lines ..no diversion signs! Complete chaos large lorries driving down little back streets and they did it on a FRIDAY!   imagine if the M1 was the only road in the UK and they just decided to shut it both ways !!!!!!!

Lewis Hamilton eat your heart out

Lewis Hamilton eat your heart out

 Our blog reached 2222 views today so looks like we have quite a few followers! feel free to comment at the bottom of the page it’s always good to have some witty feed back ..BUT be warned i have authors rights and can change inappropriate postings :)…Anyway, the beach is taking shape and needs another week spending on it ..actually managed to entice H into the water yesterday ..still hot and calm like sitting in a bath.  Bertlams car died the day before we took him to the airport so is in the garage yet again, after we dropped him at the airport we went to a place in Belize City called Brodies ..where you can buy all english food items…. i have a jar of raspberry jam and H bought some  Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce ….we also bought some burgers which were great. On the food front a new pie place has opened in town called Morgans run by a Scottish guy and his wife,  we tried steak and ale pie it was lovely and had mashed potatoes, peas and Bisto gravy with it..  ..it was nice to have a taste of home !  We set up a Skype session with our friends in the UK who were having a dinner party. We missed Phils 40th party last week , but i had been waiting for 3 months to give him his birthday present  ONLINE ..well we hooked up at 10 pm  UK time by which time they were all well and truly plastered! …before we left i stayed at Phils house and we had some Silver Patron Tequilla ,we got pissed one night when he was out and finished the tequilla off ..but thought it might be funny to half fill the bottle with water …so it’s been sat in his wine cellar all that time ..well when we skyped ..I showed his wife (Dr J) a bottle of Gold Patron that Bertlam had …so Dr J said you left some we can all have a drink together online .. Dr J poured 4 shot glasses of “Patron de Watta”   (she was in on the joke )   H  shouted bottoms up! cheers! 5000 miles away and they all knocked back the drink as we watched them on the video link …Phil just went quiet and looked confused we burst out laughing!    it was a great Birthday prank played on him from the Caribbean .  The photo below is what we will see every morning when our house is built 🙂


Dream view

Dream view



5 responses

  1. We are with you – every time you blog…currently for London but the next destination – all tough not as exotic as yours – will have a sea:)

    waiting for the 3333 and then the 4444….


    November 29, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    • I wonder what happens at 6666 🙂 although the end of the world is less than 13 months away ….what a happy bunch those Mayans were 🙂

      November 29, 2011 at 3:05 pm

  2. Lou

    God love those snake charmers eh?!! Obviously Helen was just uncomfortable about seeing something that large!

    The birthday prank is hilarious, although you could have filled it with something a little more adventurous! Say no more!

    Only a matter of time before you start craving good old English food, you not making your own tarpon fingers!

    Missing you two x

    November 29, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    • It really did cross my mind to use some other liquid , but would have been a furlong behind the cumberland sausage 🙂

      November 29, 2011 at 3:03 pm

      • Lou

        Great minds think alike!!

        What’s the big news?!!

        Snake kebab on the menu tonight with a little Worcester sauce dressing?

        December 2, 2011 at 11:36 pm

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