A new life in Belize

The New River Expedition

So i’ve been waiting to kayak and fish the New River and hopefully see some crocs so 3 of us set off ,i was accompanied by Nod and his son Rocy. I opted to share my double seater kayak with Nod ..something i would regret later on. We drove to the Crank ferry and dropped my truck off 2miles down the coast.  We planned to kayak and fish the river to where it meets the sea then kayak back for my truck. We decided to catch live bait at the crank ferry with a little net ..i was having trouble catching the pesky little blighters until this local came up and offered me some raw chicken liver ..well they went crazy for it and we collected enough live bait for the journey … i thanked the guy for supplying us a little bait he said no problem and bent down to wash his hands in the river ..WHOOSH! he’d slipped off the bank into the river …i waited a couple of seconds before reaching my hand out, as i thought if there were crocs about this would be a great photo opportunity :)..he was retrieved with his pride slightly dampened. We set off down the pristine river through the jungle, it was amazing ..the river about 100 feet across slow and lazy, kingfishers followed us as we paddled, the only unnatural noise was the swish of the paddles gliding through the water and the occasional fart from Rocy ..must be eco lady’s chewy cookies we had the night before. We finally got to the sea and we live baited and Nod caught a cat fish straight away… he said here you deal with this …i shouted to be careful as they have poisonous spines …too late….he threw it over his shoulder ..the spine went straight into my ankle ….F@$*^% ….  “we got a bleeder!” …… nah, not really….just a bit of blood but i survived ..one more cat fish and a yellow tail were hauled in and on the way back we had frigate birds about 10 feet over our heads hoping to steal fish …..not a F*&%$£@   chance. Great thing about the trip not a single mosquito encountered…we were lucky… i forgot my insect repellant. I asked eco lady if she had some before we set off ….sure she said ….i looked at the can and saw the magical words ..CONTAINS NO DEET …well we all hugged a tree and it warded off the cursed mayan mosquito god…. The only crocs we saw are the blue shoes i’m wearing in the photo.   aptly named CROCS ……  9 BZ dollars from the market  bargain.

Lunch on the water in the jungle

Lunch on the water in the jungle

 For some reason there have been alot of house flies this week and then we worked out why it was …..there are normally a few swifts flying around collecting insects H was awoken one morning by a right racket outside ..this is normally a flock of parrots that hang around in the morning ..but this time it was about 5000 swifts on the power lines outside …they must have been migrating as they have since disappeared hence the fly population explosion. It will eventually subside …but in the meantime H bought an electric fly zapper which looks like a tennis bat and vaporises them …15 dollars a MUST have ..i’m a little bit wary of back chatting her as she now has a weapon and a temper like John McEnroe!   🙂

The power lines were full all three cables as far as the eye could see ..Alfred hitch cock eat your heart out

The power lines were full all three cables as far as the eye could see ..Alfred hitchcock eat your heart out

 There was a banana glut this week …..100 bananas ripen at exactly the same time and you have about 3 days to eat them ..H is a dab hand at banana smoothies now and we gave the rest away to some workers who turned up (whether they wanted them or not!). We have also eaten our first sweetcorn crop ..it’s absolutely gorgeous and so sweet.  We bought Zeus a lovely collar with silver marajuana leaves on it…2 weeks old and it’s snapped…. Belize quality you can trust through and through 🙂 The mover belt also snapped again the day after i drove to Orangewalk 35miles away.  There really isn’t any sign of christmas here yet ….it just feels like August in the uk without the clouds and rain  :)..we did hear a reggae version of jingle bells on the radio  .YEAH MAN! ..We have been spending time on H cove…. her private beach ..although it’s not so much fun as i have to fan her with a palm frond when she gets to hot and fetch cold drinks at the snap of her fingers ..She just laughs and says “IT’S A HARD LIFE” …how true  🙂

18 years  married H says she finally found something i was good at

18 years married H says she finally found something i was good at


3 responses

  1. Shimmy

    Hi dav it hard life how things out they we had are frist snow fall last week and f—–ing cold i donot do cold i sooner be wear you are how the house comeing on any way i wish you and H

    December 18, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    • Hi Shimmy , I don’t do Christmas ..But if you see Trev all donations into my bank account are welcome :)…..infact give the money to my Dad, Trev will piss it up the wall :).
      If your in work on boxing day , tell them it’s my first one off in 13 years …you know it’s gonna be a long day ..enjoy ..i’ll be on ther beach supping rum 🙂

      December 18, 2011 at 10:24 pm

  2. Shimmy

    merry xmas and happy new 2012

    December 18, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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