A new life in Belize

Lazy days

We didn’t really do anything this week (“you never do!” we hear you shout)  So, main event…our yardman had a birthday party BBQ so we took a crate of beer  only to find that we were just about the only ones drinking …..i wasn’t that purturbed until the Minister to the local church turned up i proceeded to try and hide my beer down the front of my shirt but you could see it …..H shouted put in the front of your shorts there’s plenty of room! ….many a true word said in jest  :). The minister saw the beer and started laughing …..i tried to make ammends by offering a small beer and telling him no one would notice ..he laughingly declined and H and I proceeded to down the full crate, hic!  a;though we paced ourselves so we weren’t worse for wear, we did catch a taxi back which is unheard of in belize ..if your sober enough to put the keys in the ignition your ok to drive is the rule…..NO JOKE!

Carlos and his family

Carlos and his family

 Bertlam is having his thatched outdoor BBQ  upgraded so the whole of the week has been taken up looking after the builders, it was decided that we move the BBQ…. it is built from fire brick which is really heavy and was fixed with rebar to the floor.   i was expecting it to fall apart when we tried to move it,  but they freed  it and then started to inch it with crow bars ….it probably weighed 2 tons so i suggested using the builders big truck to drag it ..this was a success ..but i did tell everyone if it started to fall… let  it ..the guys were all togged up in their safety footwear ..open toed sandals….it went like a dream and our “dynamic risk assessment ” was spot on .

Wheres an egyptian when you need one?

Wheres an egyptian when you need one?

 The Palapa is finished so we spent all day today lazying in it ..the only thing i had to do was fix the hammock ropes and listen to copious amounts of  80’s music and drink rum punch……   H has just reminded me of my rubbish dump excursion ….. i was set on reusing the heavy duty plastic garbage bag in our strive to be kinder to the planet  🙂    ..Eco lady is rubbing off on us!  🙂 ..so i got out the car, tipped the bag up, and the rubbish fell out.. i gave the bag a good shake and proceeeded to be covered in black shitty slime …..H tried really hard not to wet herself laughing as i really did smell like a skunk!   Unfortunately we were on our way to the hardware store and I had no time to change!  so if they asked me why i smelled so bad i was gonna say it’s a new after shave  “OderToilet” ………… literally!!!!!

H in the hammock .. shouting more beer boy

H in the hammock .. shouting more beer boy


2 responses

  1. OK you three…. hands up against the wall and spread em, whilst I check out whats going on down here…………….(oi get out my ear…)

    December 15, 2011 at 8:28 am

    • Nice one Bo …we always like a funny photo caption 🙂 if i could only find that photo of you in the Tank hangers 🙂

      December 15, 2011 at 12:56 pm

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