A new life in Belize

Bird Island Trip

Eco lady had some guests staying, so we got talking and arranged a fishing trip to Bird Island.  The previous 10 days had been glorious sunshine …..you guessed it, I looked outside at the heavy dark grey clouds (reminded me of England but 25 degrees!) so i checked the doppler radar for Belize and it was gonna rain, good thing is that the water tank was only half full and Bertlam was coming at the weekend so it  needed a top up.  I kayaked to meet them …NOT on time, but eventually they appeared just as the heavens opened. It was lovely paddling in the warm rain and we made Bird Island in good time.

Eric idle in the middle,he shared my kayak and let me paddle  :)

Eric idle in the middle,he shared my kayak and let me paddle 🙂

 Bird island lies opposite a 10 year old development that lies empty and they dug a marina with deep water this is where i had a good take on my lure but never saw the fish. Eric “Idle”  cast his first lure and….. bam!! “Fish On!!!”  After about 5 mins he hauled this nice sized cat fish to the surface …..first thing  i did was warn them about the spines, here is the photo and the fish was sucessfully released on it’s merry way. We moved location to the island and i had a large barracuda jump clean out of the water chasing my lure, he completely missed it . SPLASH! and he was gone …..He’ll be there for next  time 🙂

Greedy Gobbler

Greedy Gobbler

 So Bertlams palapa was finished and it looks out of this world, had the first BBQ there last night, it went like a dream they arrived at 7pm and everything was done to perfection, we might have to have one like this ourselves, will post photo’s next blog as Bertlam reads the blog and i wanted it to be a surprise. There was a huge pile of sand left over from the job because the sand place will only deliver a full load. So we shovelled the left over sand into the back of my truck ..15 loads it took and i was shattered (with H stood around directing me n pointing finger!….GAFFERED AGAIN!!)   H Cove looks even better now and so we went looking for some sun loungers ….found some $175 each for plastic ..RIP OFF!! ..so we toured about  and went to pick up Bertlams repaired car and across the road …two sun loungers for sale $45 each BARGAIN!! Will post photo’s of the finished  H  Cove next time, just contemplating a little beach bar ….we’ll see it may be her birthday present ..not many people get there own bar and private beach for their 40th 🙂

H snapped this photo of a humming bird that frequents the grounds….David Bailey eat your heart out!

This should be the National bird of Belize ..it likes to go backwards  :)

This should be the National bird of Belize ..it likes to go backwards 🙂


3 responses

  1. The Boss

    Great photos Dave.
    Catfish scary monster of the deep indeed.
    Have a great and sunny Xmas.
    I’m now officially Operations Director at Solway!
    Have a party beer for me when you’re next at it.
    All the best
    The Boss.

    December 19, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    • Fantastic news, you worked hard for it, well done.
      Have just cracked a couple of beers and toasted your continuing success.
      Just remember your only as good as the people around you …KEEP YOUR KNIFE SHARP 🙂

      Dave & H

      December 20, 2011 at 1:23 am

      • The Boss

        Knife’s sharp and i’m armed and ready!

        Hope you had a good Xmas.

        All the best for 2012.

        37 for the fun run this year – Not bad that in the pi***ng rain!

        24mins to win it!!!!!!

        It’s getting tough at the top!


        The Boss

        December 26, 2011 at 3:50 pm

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