A new life in Belize


Rum Fun

Rum Fun


We got invited to a 50th birthday at this newly revamped resort  it was right on the water and had not opened yet.  For Belize this place was up market the owner had done a really great job .  H was a little TIPSY from her own concoction, i was the nominated driver  and at one point had to restrain her from leaping onto the dance floor ..how stupid would she have looked ..she was the only  one not wearing thigh length boots!!!!!!!!!



When Bertlams  lads were over  we had a little shooting competition  i would say i was the clear winner ,  But i probably had an advantage as their bodies were still being ravaged by the copious amounts of Ganja  they inhaled the previous night  ……. no wonder most of their shots were a little “high”  🙂   ..

Where every customer comes first

Where every customer comes first

The photo above is of a notorious Brothel in Belize city… a friend of ours told us that he used to drive his Commandant there for a “Massage” and it was an extra 30p for clean sheets! ..when pushed on the vivid details ..he claimed he never went in himself as his legs would have been shaking so much after he wouldn’t be able to drive his boss back to the barracks ..anyway things are moving on in Belize and the a woman’s feminist group burnt it to the ground ..In Corozal the whore house has been repainted and there is an advertisement  of a wolf looking at a bare chested lady  ..we will try and get a photo for next  time  before it’s torched and all the birds go elsewhere  …talking of  birds the amount of Ospreys flying around here is ludicrous ..but no  one bats an eye ..Zeus keeps finding  dead fish and sharing them with the pups …..they are growing steadily  and have great  barks now.

We have been  beach combing when the wind blows from the north and have found some interesting pieces of old drift wood and will be making them into stuff for the house more on these projects in future posts .



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