A new life in Belize

Room with a view

I got out sailing on the bay last week with Dreghar, a guy who lives about 1/2 mile away. He has a Hobie Cat sailboat and we went over to see Jill and Benny across the bay. I trolled a line on the way over with my crocodile lure but no takers ..supped a few cold beers and came straight back to Bertlams – 3 miles in about 15 mins – not bad going punching through the waves, we sailed right into H cove and ended up right on top of the beach. The last time I was on a Hobie Cat we flipped it in the Dry Tortugas and had to swim to shore, to say i was anxious is an under statement but everything turned out great!! Dreghar is an accomplished sailor and we were never in any danger or so he says 🙂

Any port in a storm

Any port in a storm

We spend a lot of time lounging in Bertlams palapa (a thatched living room outside) and just love looking at the scenery and all the wildlife around us. We spotted a large Iguana that lives near Bertlams new shed, we will try and snap a photo of him. The local guys say they are good eating! i think rice and beans will suffice – for the meantime H makes a mean burger and we cook them on Bertlams BBQ  whilst ….you guessed it supping rum Punch. We found this Praying Mantis that tried to eat H ………she was pretty lucky to survive!

Eyes bigger than it's belly

Eyes bigger than it's belly

The house construction is moving along nicely thanks to the great crew we have, in total we have lost 1 day due to rain since we started 5 weeks ago and will post more photo’s soon, when it has a roof and windows. We had a royal visitor to Belize yesterday – Prince Harry – the whole country was invited by text message to a party in Belmopan, when i say the whole country that equates to about 537 people 🙂 ..bet he wasn’t eating rice and beans ..it would interfere with “ones” constitution 🙂

We wanted to cause a stink so decided to post this photo of the view from our toilet window..a friend on facebook summed it up aptly …. SH*T!!!!!!!!

Who needs a newspaper

Who needs a newspaper



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  1. It beats looking at my neighbours roof

    April 22, 2012 at 2:16 pm

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