A new life in Belize

First Contact

We had our first visitors last week Keith and Kelly from the good old US of A  (not useless ar*eholes  ), but you can make your mind up later in the post !   We borrowed Bertlams SUV ( which lasted the week )and picked them up from Belize City airport it was election day and we were met by hordes of people spilling into the road as we went through the villages to pick them up, each village has a huge sports ground at the side of the road ideal for hosting parties and celebrations,but no ..yet again the equivalent of the M1 in the UK had kids running about all over  and the drunks slumped at the side of the road (note alcohol can not be sold on election day) . Over here most people vote ..the reason for this is that one of the two competing parties will pick you up to secure your vote and give you up to a $100 bribe right in front of the voting booth ..TALK ABOUT DEMOCRACY 🙂  A lot of the week was spent lounging on H Cove nothing new to  us  🙂

Chilling with the K's


We went to Altun Ha on our way up from the airport and arrived as the last of the gaggle of cruise ship tourists had departed having the site to ourselves ,with a lovely cooling breeze and sunny skies. A couple of days later we went to Lamanai another Mayan ruin that H and I  had been saving .. we left at 5 am in the morning to hopefully get the place to ourselves and were rewarded by a 7.45am arrival and were the only people there.  As we reached the first temple we heard loud deep howls from the trees, i made some deep grunts and a troop of howler monkeys arrived…  H said they have come to see me ” The Missing Link” and stayed  for about 30 mins very close to us in the tree’s above our heads, it was worth going just to see them! The rest of the ruins were impressive to say the least and i would class them as the best we have been to as you get to walk through the jungle from temple to temple.There is a huge temple that breaks through the rainforest and reveals from the top an impressive view of the 10mile lagoon that it is situated next to. You can take a boat tour right to the temple ,but we wanted to drive through the Mennonite community who are like the Armish in America.  They get about by horse and buggy and the men wear white straw hats and Dungaree’s the women long smocks to their ankles and bonnets like little house on the prairie……. if your old enough to remember  it 🙂

Howler Monkey at the Mayan Ruins

Howler Monkey at the Mayan Ruins

The two K’s went to Caye Caulker ….a little Caribbean Island about 40 mins away, and took the 18 minute flight from the local airstrip here.  Kelly got a 20% discount (must have been the cropped top) so they flew to San Pedro for £33  BARGAIN!! They decided to catch the water taxi back which  is slower and cheaper.  So as we would pick them up from the dock we went to the Breezy Sea Hotel to have a beer and wait for their 5pm arrival as the bar overlooks the dock.  At 4.30pm my phone rang and i said something is wrong ..it was Keith .. where are you ..i’m here at the dock ..he says ..”is there more than one stop!” sometimes at Sarteneja , YEP  thats where we are ..GET BACK ON THE BOAT!!!! ..toooo late ……WHAT A PAIR of DONKEYS or good old US of A’s   :)… So H and I drove the 80 mile round trip to go pick them up but made good time.  Kelly treated us to dinner as payback and Keith and I made a fire on the beach from driftwood and he took some cool moonlight photo’s.  We had a great time with them kayaking, fishing and toasting marsh mallows (a first for me) over an open fire by the beach. Robinson Crusoe…eat your heart out!!!!!

H Cove  Drift wood fire

H Cove Drift wood fire


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