A new life in Belize


We  held a thank you BBQ  for the 5 guys and 1 Gringo who built our house.  As the people who worked with me will know, sometimes I’m not the easiest person to get on with and there were a couple of times the guys had worked hard all morning for me to come along and say  ..i don’t really  like that ..lets do something else. I must be the only person  in Belize who never fell out with his builder and actually talk to them after the completion of the house . Well to say thank you we bought  2 crates of the finest local beer  (there is ONLY  Belikin )  5  whole chickens and  H produced one of her famous upside down pineapple cakes …Famous because she always says she will bake one and then trots off to the cake store and buys one  🙂 We shot  pool all afternoon and when the fridge was empty the guys left ..It was a fantastic  day and one of the guys said he never  played  pool  ..well we all got  HUSTLED!! good job we did not play  for  money  🙂

Progresso Crew -  Carlos ,Gee, Jian , Romey, Ray & Ed (The Crazy Gringo)

Progresso Crew - Carlos ,Gee, Jian , Romey, Ray & Ed (The Crazy Gringo)

Sometime ago  I was out kayaking and found a piece of driftwood that had been battered by the sea for at least a couple hundred years and wanted to do something with it.  It was quite a large piece …too heavy for me to carry, so Romy and Jian said they’d help me. We went round to Eco  lady’s house and borrowed her chainsaw and kayaked round, cut the log and floated it back to the truck. Even though we cut  it, it took all 3 of us to lift  it into the truck , weighing +400lb it was a beast! The Crazy  gringo saw the smaller piece we’d cut  off and said he might be able to turn it into a pool table light  for us . On the day of the BBQ they arrived early and we were banished into the house whilst they carried something upstairs hidden under a tarp. After an hour  of drilling banging and  hollering , they shouted us upstairs and BEHOLD the most magnificent pool table light imaginable …..i call it   “The Meteorite”   it weighs about 90lb and is hung from two thick steel chains . The guys presented it as our moving in gift, it took them 4 days of hard graft to make it and is truly spectacular.

Pool table light  "The Meteorite"

Pool table light "The Meteorite"

Instead of going to church at Easter i took  an early morning invite from my neighbour 1/2 mile away to go sailing to Sarteneja.  The same fishing village that Keith & Kelly had mistaken for Corozal (got off the water taxi too early….doh!)  it’s either 40 miles by car  or 20 miles by sea ONE  WAY, so we set off in the Hobie Cat  and had to sail into the wind tacking as we went.  It was a glorious day, light variable winds and 4 1/2 hours  later we arrived , it sounds a long  time but  it was a lovely to  sail in the pristine waters of Belize ..I  packed my leatherman knife with fire striker  JUST IN CASE  🙂  . The winds were very tricky as we approached Sarteneja and we headed for the loud thump of drums supplied by 6 foot high speakers that we heard over 5 miles away..Good old Bob Marley  ..YEAH  MAN!  ..well we saw there was a race under way and thought they were racing around two points so we cut cut behind the lead  boat expecting him to go away from us ..Nope he stayed parallel with  us and turns out we were in the middle of the race!! but far enough away as not to “Steal” anyones wind and Belize being the polite country  it is , we never got the bawl of ”  WANKERS” we most certainly would have gotten back in Blighty  🙂  .  We  ate rice and beans sank a Belikin and watched the next  race . The boats are fishing vessels , BUT with extra long pimped masts and large sails.  We watched the race and made our departure with a favourable wind completing the 20miles back in an hour  and 30 mins ….. 1/4 of a mile from home a risky  “JIBE” and over she went ..not another rescue  at  sea i thought! Well alls well that ends well, we managed to flip her  back and sailed safely  home . All praise to the captain who was a very sprightly 70 years old and managed to get on top  of the up turned boat before me.

Sarteneja regatta

Sarteneja regatta



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