A new life in Belize

Guest Accommodation

After finishing the house, we asked the builder to do a little something for the dogs so they wouldn’t feel left out. I started it but the first row of rock was enough for the lads building the house to take pity on me and they did the floor and walls. We had a quandary  over what to do for the roof . Hcame up with a great idea spurred on by a comment that our friend Don in Massachusetts made on the cover for the truck . He said those truck covers were for keeping cotton buds and croissants dry… after having the truck for 9 months I now realize what he meant and we have ditched it… NEVER to return on top of the truck. The truck may be getting some car seats put in the back ….watch this space. So the dogs seem happy with their new roof, they are doing just fine and will now ATTACK on command, as the builder found out the other day when he tried to get out of his truck! H said I’m glad you’ve done that roof … wouldn’t want you getting wet when we have guest’s over….I wonder what she means?  🙂

Dog house / Guest accommodation

Dog house / Guest accommodation

We had some friends over last week from Nashville,  Meredith & Jenne they had rented a private island French Louie Caye in the south of Belize then came up and stayed with us for 3 days chillaxing and playing pool in the roof top lounge. We took them to a darts get together at Copper Bank and we all had a good laugh after battling through a thunderstorm to get there and negotiating the hand crank ferry.  They had never had fresh coconut so I impressed myself opening 5 in 5 minutes and still having all my fingers  intact  🙂  We went through a big storm the night before they left and the new drain in front of the front door worked a treat. On the way back after dropping them at the airport I went to Altun Ha Mayan ruins to pick up some Cohune Palm seedlings from my friend there and planted them just before the heavy rain came ..he has an endless supply so eventually we will have the mighty Palms ….well in 20 years or so  🙂 Alas we didn’t get any photo’s of Meredith and Jenne … too busy knocking back Belikin Beer, so I had a photo of them on file so just added it into the photo of Altun Ha  see if you can spot them?

Spot the happy couple!!!

Spot the happy couple!!!  Meredith & Jenne

I was supposed to pick up Meredith and Jenne in the red devil  (Bertlams SUV ) it broke down AGAIN after I took him to the airport last time he was here. Well I told the mechanic to take it to an auto electrician to re-wire a faulty connection. So I go to pick it up ALL FIXED and it doesn’t start…..  ONLY  in BELIZE  🙂  …  H  has finally made it into the kitchen and tried making some cheesy beef nacho’s …. as previously supplied by our loveable Italian friend….  the same lovely lady also did me a cheese cake as a belated birthday treat,  which I wolfed down in seconds…  it brought back distant memories of the afternoon feasts from the company shop at work ..ALAS  no pound bags of midget gems to wash it down  🙂   ….   we have passed the 4444 visitors to our blog  WHOOP  WHOOP!!..  and finally  we have been having a taste of  blighty … Steak and Ale  pies made at Morgans ..a Scottish/Belizean couple  ..they are to die for.

Morgans steak and Ale pies with garlic and onion mashed potatoes and bisto gravy

Morgans steak and Ale pies with garlic and onion mashed potatoes and bisto gravy




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