A new life in Belize

Eyes bigger than your belly

H always comments that it’s like being in a nature program as we sit in the roof top lounge, this week alone we have seen wild boar , a fox , rescued a cootamundi  ( like a large racoon with a long nose) from the clutches of Zeus , osprey and today i kayaked over to Jill and Benny’s across the bay and was escorted by 6 dolphins for about a mile  , they swam idly at the side of me just looking at this weird thing in a yellow tub . We have a resident Snake who is non poisonous and hangs out around the outside of the house and sometimes sneaks inside ,as we have found snake skin. He is a vine snake  or rat snake as they call them down here about 5 feet long . H has come up with a really original name for him JAKE the SNAKE  ..wonder how long it took her to think of that one 🙂  Jake has a liking for frogs and there is an unlimited supply outside , i rescued one from him the other day as it looked to big for him to eat , then found him with an even bigger one … it’s nature and Jake has to eat so here is the photo.

Jake and one rather large frog

Jake and one rather large frog

The stress of living here is resulting in H losing weight to support her and help her i sent her outside into the jungle gym . She has lined the drive way with stones and i have cajoled her into doing sit ups in the morning ..no pain no gain . Sometime ago Bertlam gave u sa few ebooks  ( over 2000) and now I’m actually enjoying reading books for the first time in my life. I gave a pictorial  talk to the  Corozal Womens Forum on the subject of Easter Island , strangely enough only men have spoken at there forum , my Neighbour wanted to attend but HE was flatly turned down ..i suggest he wear a wig and claim he was a transsexual , i think they might have seen through the 70 year old’s plot  🙂

H joined the jungle gym creating the driveway

H joined the jungle gym creating the driveway

We had a lovely full moon bonfire on  H Cove last week roasting marshmallows over the embers , alas the last hurricane washed most of the sand from under the palm trees that i had wheel barrow into position , I’m liking the natural look as it takes far less looking after  🙂 ..Our friend    Wacko  Jacko  ( Micheal Jackson)  put 2 terabytes of films and tv series on to a disk drive for us before we left and we are just working through the celebrity juice series ..i never watched it in the UK but it is absolutely hilarious and look forward to the new series being sent over next year ..we also  pick films at random so we don’t use the good ones up first and found one called RANGO  an animation ..not usually my cup of tea  BUT  it was really  funny  if you haven’t seen it   …..it’s a MUST  ..  Finally our  GOOD friends in the UK got married  Steve and Michelle  AKA   Chunky & Slim  one of the few things we miss are special moments like  weddings  ( everyone loves a good piss up ) they are currently  in Cuba a mere 450miles away . Our friends in Oz  Clive  (  aka  Evil C )  Bev  wanted to see a watercolour i’d done of Bertlams house from H Cove so i posted here , Hopefully the original is hanging on Bertlams office wall or is in the bog next to the toilet paper just in case he ever runs out of bog paper and needs to scrape  🙂

Bertlams house from H Cove ..don't worry i should improve the more i paint :)

Bertlams house from H Cove ..don’t worry i should improve the more i paint 🙂





4 responses

  1. The Boss

    Looks like you’re having fun as always Dave.

    I can tall you for nothing the life in Worksop is still EXACTLY the same as the one you left behind, so keep going…………

    Off to Florida in the morning so almost neighbours when we get there, see you later.

    October 19, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    • The Boss – Work seems like a distant memory , the endless sun , cooling breeze and hammock were a no brainer trade off. Just gearing up for a Bonfire on the beach on the 5th nov a little bit of blighty in the Caribbean , BBQ shorts and t-shirt then fire at dusk .
      I see you came 20th in the European canine cross championship ..what a great result though i’m not surprised …. as your always had me chasing my tail 🙂

      October 19, 2012 at 9:16 pm

  2. Harry and Carla

    Hi Dave and Helen
    Someone entered us into this Telegraph Expat competition so we are looking for support as we think the coverage might be good for business so if you are up for it, give them some honest bull on our behalf.

    You made it into the competition!!!


    It is presently the third one down after the map.

    You should win best in country as you are the only one right now!


    Alan & Ondina Colton,
    Jasmine Cottage,
    Cor. Consejo Beach Trail & Hacienda Grove,
    Consejo Shores,

    December 19, 2012 at 9:48 pm

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