A new life in Belize

Fawke it

We decided to have a Bonfire on the beach to celebrate Guy Fawkes night , i set about collecting wood and coconut palms ,producing a sizable monster ( H says she doesn’t know what one of those is !!!!)  Zeus helped in his own way …pulling at the palms i’d neatly arranged and fetching the odd coconut. It has got a little chilly here at night dropping down to 20 celcius …so you can imagine our delight at the heat that was thrown off from the fire …H was a little disturbed that the roaring fire was melting the ice in her rum punch to quickly …and Bertlam pictured next to her was worried a sudden wind change would set his Palapa roof on fire …although that might have been a god send :)… the lighting of the bonfire was a little fraught as snakes like to hide in piles like that and luckily bertlam was on hand about 20 feet away to offer a ride to the hospital if i was bitten  🙂

No fire brigade or neighbours to complain

No fire brigade or neighbours to complain

H was watching me paint and decided she wanted to try her hand … i went through a long process of telling her how difficult it was to handle the brushes correctly , the watercolour paint dries so quickly  in this environment and so on…. she turns to me and says ..  “how did you do in art at school”   …my proud reply was a “B” at o’level … she started laughing ….and replied .”  wow thats really good  …  BUT i got an “A” …….  in  minutes she was sloshing paint around and produced  a  painting of Bird Island ….not bad for a first attempt..better watch my coat  tails 🙂

A young Pickassole in the making ..(not sure of the spelling )    :)

A young Pickassole in the making ..(not sure of the spelling ) 🙂


We had a powercut the other day it lasted 8 hours ,it threw our world into disarray ,all we could do was play pool , lounge by the beach and drink hefty amounts of rum punch ….. i sure hope it doesn’t happen again soon  🙂  …………………   Zeus has always had a large lump on the top of his head, which we had checked out by Dr Sheila ..who said just keep an eye on it ,which was over a year  ago ..we came back from shopping to find blood trickling down his face and this lump had explode leaving a large crater … the night before we had watched the movie aliens …funny how the mind plays  tricks on  you …….. We witnessed two great feats of ingenuity first two guys transporting a sofa on top of a car ..no roof rack  ..no straps .. the driver and passenger had their hand out the window holding it on as they drove at speed down the road …we both remarked that we’d never see anything like that again …. to witness a guy driving a JCB  ( Back hoe in America) digger with one hand and holding the free swinging digger arm with his other as he weaved towards us at speed on the main highway ..i was going to give him a wave ..but H said if he waves back it might not be a good idea ……..  and finally  Bertlam who lives in Canada  ..e-mailed me to say he’d  contacted a company  in the uk and was having a surprised shipped over to Canada then he would bring it to Belize..we had no idea what it was ..but he simply said i’d mentioned it before .. the freight airfare cost him a fortune ..when he unveiled the surprise ..it was a pound of midget gems ..we had told him of the daily pound of midget gems i scoffed  with  Big Tom in my old work place ..believe it or not i am rationing myself to 3 single ones a day and savor them for about half an hour …NO IT’S TRUE  !!!!!!!!

The last photo is of an early morning 5am kayak trip i took to bird island to catch the sunrise ..i was rewarded by an osprey catching fish right in front of me ..alas it was a real fast  %&*£?$ so i didn’t catch him in the photo

Dawn kayak


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