A new life in Belize

Beach Bonfire Bonanza

Back in blighty H and i used to love having bonfires in a metal bin on our drive with a couple of bottles of wine ( yes like to tramps – hobo’s for the Americans ) a memorable one was burning four and a half thousand photo’s that we couldn’t take with us. Those days have alas gone and now we have to make do with a bonfire on the beach a yard or so from the water , the wine has been replaced by rum and our little shindigs are gathering popularity , now everyone is having fires by the water and we make sure we go to them all    …..   as long as they keep stacking the shelves with rum we’ll give going to BBQ’s   🙂  the photo below was a special day it was the BBQ that never should have been ..a group of people pried apart for various reasons ..reunited and thrown into the cooking pot once again …. if you missed it there are sure to be others ..everyone is always welcome ( well nearly everyone   🙂  )

A gathering of great people on H Cove

A gathering of great people on H Cove

We heard there was an eatery being relaunched on the other side of the peninsular and they were doing a pig and lamb in the ground … You start by digging a hole light a fire in the bottom throw some big rocks in let it burn fierce extinguish the flames and you have hot rocks ..meanwhile a wooden raft is made out of green wood (so it wont burn) and the meat is wrapped in banana leaves with some veggies and pineapple slices on top to tenderize the meat …the wrapped meat meat is placed on to the wooden raft and is placed onto the hot rocks and ashes in the bottom of the hole then a square of metal covers the top of the raft with the meat on it and it is then covered with soil and left to cook for 3.5 hours .. the result was the most succulent tasty meat you could image which was accompanied by rice and beans the traditional staple food . Truly amazing food and to top all this off the food was free and you only had to buy your beer , there was a good mix of locals and gringo’s  and it had a great atmosphere.

Pig in ground being removed

Taking the pig out of the ground using wires to lift the raft ( apologies to the the lifters i pig in ground2stretched the photo so they appear fatter than they actually are)

We met a woods girl from Alaska her name is Rodi and she has bought some land on the lagoon ..she attended the beach Bonfire and decided that she too wanted a fire and BBQ  a house warming …Well there was no house …no furniture ( Bertlam provided the seating even though he wasn’t there  🙂 )  ..there was a big fire hot dogs that were roasted over the fire ,with marsh mallows for after and a gallon of rum …. another great night  of dancing to ” Big bellied  man” and no snake bites  🙂

A community event

A community event

the image is stretched so the hot dog near my tally wacker  is way to big ..H says deffo NOT  a case of biting off more than you can chew

the image is stretched so the hot dog near my tally wacker is way to big ..H says deffo NOT a case of biting off more than you can chew


I saw my first Armadillo here yesterday in the bushes across from Bertlams ,he was a little camera shy but will try and get a snap of him at a later date …Bertlam had a new roof put on his Palapa and i burnt the old one ….. i did a little video of the event http://youtu.be/S1aFsWDIlSQ … I installed 2 new water tanks as my 4 months old tanks collapsed  due to incorrect installation ..the lesson is don’t employ a roofing contractor as a building contractor…… enough said…… We got an invite from our neighbour to sail over to Orchid bay  10 miles round trip and H worked the Jib the whole way ,her first hands on sailing experience and she loved it ..blue skies ….light wind …..wonderful..

A natural ..i'm sure if i'd have even touched the sail we would have flipped it :)

A natural ..i’m sure if i’d have even touched the sail we would have flipped it 🙂


2 responses

  1. Bonfire’s… always look good on photo’s, but I seam to remember them being much more fun when you can feel the heat on your face. ( especially if your the only one who knows about the concealed can of baked beans stuck in there ) :/

    Have a great new year, & keep up the sailing.

    Al the best from Oz.

    December 30, 2012 at 7:48 am

    • Uk2WA ..i remember that night oh so well some 30 years ago ….. i also remember watching a roaring camp fire spit out a spark a good 15 feet into a jar of gunpowder we had just made and it exploding …..who’d have thought we would turn out ” NORMAL ” 🙂

      December 30, 2012 at 1:12 pm

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