A new life in Belize

The end of the World …wasn’t nigh

We got invited to Christmas lunch by Harla and Carry  who are from Scotland and own the local pastry shop in town. Turkey and ham are very hard to come by in Belize, but they managed to get the necessary permit at the Mexican border to bring one back across. The booze in the photo is a mirage as the XX beer is contraband in Belize 🙂    The meal was great,  prawn cocktail starter with Garlic bread … full turkey and ham dinner with Yorkshire tartlets (puddings but they went flat) and orange cake to finish..what a great day we had ..fingers crossed we get invited back next year ..i have a rather risky cake photo to use as blackmail next year…..

The two people on the right are from my hometown in the UK

The two people on the right are from my hometown in the UK

H ‘s birthday was on the 28th Dec and we had a meal at the Blues restaurant in town and had 11 friends join us everyone enjoyed their meals ..even me as they forgot to take my order and everyone had finished before mine arrived ….but the chicken pizza was well worth the wait …. Harla had baked a huge coconut sponge cake with custard filling it was YUMMY  .. we then swung by the Sea Breeze Hotel for a beer then onto H Cove for a full moon beach bonfire and more NON BELIKIN BEERS  🙂  …  there was another surprise for a H  our  Polish friends had prepared a banana Creme Brulee which when i saw it i burst out laughing  cos i was stuffed full and it looked awful …BUT  the proof was definitely in the eating and it was gorgeous so i managed to make a little more room…..  i’m sure i used to have a sweet tooth  🙂 …..the funniest comment of the day was when the visiting sister of our neighbour asked me at the meal ..you keep saying we ..where is your other half i said she’s the birthday girl at the end of the table ..her reply was ..oh i thought she was with the spritely  70 year old sat next to her ..his wife shouted  “IN HIS DREAMS”  LOL  ….  so what did i get H for her birthday …I found a piece of drift wood and made her her very own bench on H Cove.

H and her eager cake eaters

H and her eager cake eaters –  i’m glad she was sitting down when i took this photo the dress was rather short and caused several stirs  🙂

New Years Eve was supposed to be spent at Rodi’s new Lagoon House ..but it was still being finished so the location was switched to  Coe and Japrice’s   house, Coe prepared a traditional Fijian  Lovo Chicken and food from the garden the sweet potato was great and we had another  fire ….We don’t jet all over the world now so the occasional wood fire makes a smaller carbon footprint than we used to have before , for all you ECO warriors out there  🙂

Coe uncovering the lovo chicken

Coe uncovering the lovo chicken

The End of the world was truly eventful we went to Jill and Benny’s across the bay , we cadged a ride on our neighbours Hobie Cat across the bay..drank and ate beef burgers ..there was a live band …which sounded like it was in the throws of death … BUT Jill’s home made blackberry wine ( 3 bottles of ) seemed to do the trick …it was a great gathering ..the wind picked up so we decided not to sail back and we cadged another ride with our other neighbours  the Browe’s and went back the next day to pick up the Hobie Cat.

Other News…

We were looking for one more piece of art to finish a our wall at home and came a cross a tasteful nude done by a local artist … We await the arrival of our good friends  the Realmy’s from the UK who are currently partying in Miami ..hope the culture shock doesn’t kill them when they arrive 🙂 ….. When we were at the end of the wold party at the Mayan temple  across the bay i took this photo …people say they can see an object …all i see is is the temple and a cloud ..make up your own  minds!!!!!!!

Yeah like aliens were really gonna land on the Mayan Temple

Yeah like aliens were really gonna land on the Mayan Temple


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