A new life in Belize

One barrel blow out

Our good friends visited from the UK  Jave and Dustine  the last time we saw them was at our leaving party a year and a half ago Jave  was dressed as a Female gorilla he really hasn’t  changed much since… The plan for their visit was to do some drinking ..do some drinking  and then finish off with some drinking …… much to their disappointment all we did was drink ….  we flew over to San Pedro and then took the water taxi to Caye Caulker we arrived haggled a room from a 2 night minimum to a one night blow out …. we went straight to the Lazy Lizard drank some beer  hey fell face first in the water , a bottle of ONE BARREL RUM  wobbly legs and a slippery step not a good combination…..   I TELL HER TO BE CAREFUL

Everything after this photo was down hill

Everything after this photo was down hill the booze just took over  🙂

The night ended in a drunken blur we had photo’s taken in numerous bars on golf carts in the street ,on a boat on the beach ..but as they say a photo speaks a thousand words ….. and the winner was

hey girls sit on this lovely bench ..you'll look really cool with the beach behind you

hey girls sit on this lovely bench ..you’ll look really cool with the beach behind you

They were both keen to go out sailing for the day so i arrange a jaunt over to Orchid Bay for lunch  and then planned to drop in at Jill and Benny’s across the bay for a beer .  Jave took the rudder and sail and got us over there in no time on our way back we hit a squall ( sudden sharp storm) and it got quite rough with the waves coming over the side of the boat ..H was hanging on for dear  life and we headed straight back home ..she was glad to get back on dry land …. Dustine on the other hand had to be woken up as she was dozing off through all the commotion … i made a short video clip   http://youtu.be/estQ9K8o3nw

Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm

We played lots of games of pool in H’s roof top lounge …the final winner takes all championship was won by Jave  resulting in lots of screaming and hollering …i reminded him to be quiet the neighbours might complain  🙂 …. we had a great BBQ in bertlams revamped Internet cafe bar and grill  followed by the compulsory beach bonfire ……. They loved lounging on H Cove and  we did a spot of Kayaking down the coast with me towing the girls in the double kayak behind   ..all in all a great week partying getting pissed and having a great laugh …. their return trip will involve zip lining , cave tubing and to visit the crystal maiden in and underground mayan cave and may be swimming with whale sharks if they pick their time right .

Fire and beer, on the bay with friends  PRICELESS

Fire and beer, on the bay with friends PRICELESS


My Dad arrives next week for two weeks so we are gonna make sure he has the time of his life ….in preparation we have been stock piling pasties and steak pies as he is an even fussier eater than me …wonder where i get it from  🙂

We will finish with the really big news we got our Permanent Residency in 11 weeks start to finish which turned out to be a lot easier than we could ever of imagined so folks you can have a big sigh of relief we WON’T  be coming back …you know the saying   ” you’ll get by with a little help from your friends”   well we certainly did 🙂









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  1. Spoke to your dad for first time for years last week and he Cant remember me ! Dont suppose after week with you hewill have a clue eather

    February 3, 2013 at 9:54 pm

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