A new life in Belize

Old dog …..new tricks

My Dad  visited recently and although a little apprehensive about the journey arrived full of beans eager to see what Belize had to offer. He nearly fell at the first  hurdle as he just made it over Woodhead pass before it was shut for snow as he was leaving from Manchester airport. I met him at Cancun airport and luckily got a lift from my friend Harla who was going to pick his mother up who was arriving on the same flight . We traveled back down on the bus at night ,which was stopped by mexican police we were all photographed by armed officers ..a n exciting start to the holiday…i  we he should have paid that parking fine before we left 🙂  …we got to the Mexican border where the woman took $20 of him and put it straight in her purse (normal for mexico) .. we got to the Belize customs she say’s anything to declare .. Dad replies nothing she see’s a litre of whiskey and another of Brandy and lets us just go through ( Not normal for Belize)  … as not to draw attention to himself he had grown his hair and wore a cap to try and fit in ..here was the end result a great disguise YEAH Man

Brian sporting his new hair

Brian sporting his new hair

Although i learned to swim at a very young age my dad can just do enough to get him out of trouble (in most things  🙂  )   so was a little uneasy going kayaking i gave him some sound advice ..if he falls out of the boat .. “stand up ”  it’s about 2 feet deep …  in no time he wanted to paddle himself  and was very good at it.

A natural on the water

A natural on the water at H Cove back safe from Consejo

He arrived with lots of bandages and plasters ..thinking we couldn’t them here ..then proceeded to scrape , knock ,bang and cut himself where ever we went .. i had to remind him we don’t carry liability insurance  in case he makes a claim 🙂   … i took him to see the snake man ( Usher) and before you know it he had produced 3 Fer De Lance snakes and held them right up to his face for this photo..wisely we stayed  well back as Usher was bitten by one of these snakes and narrowly escaped death .. he then put the head of one of the most poisonous snakes in the world in his mouth ….

One bite and it's over

One bite and it’s over

We drove to lamanai ( Mayan Temple) in the truck the road was ok and we were rewarded with the front grill falling off as we got there luckily it was repaired with tie wraps when we got back….  The Howler Monkeys came to see us but they didn’t take the bananas we brought them so we eat them for breakfast on top of the big temple .. we got there early again having the place to ourselves  no moquito’s… just the eagles circling around our heads.

Breakfast above the canopy

Breakfast above the canopy

We went to Caye Caulker and drank buckets of beer whilst sat in the water ..relaxing to reggae music at the lazy lizard bar  …. we ended up flying there and back  18 minutes is all it takes to the first island .. then a fast boat ride to Caye caulker …  on our return we had a quick sail around the bay on my neighbours Hobie …he loved every minute of it … at one point we saw the sugar cane barge but a quick shake of his head reminded me of his 71 years and we headed back for shore unscathed .

If it's safe why are we wearing life jackets my dad says...just to make sure  i replied  :)

If it’s safe why are we wearing life jackets my dad says…just to make sure i replied 🙂

All in all we had a great 2 weeks together H did a a good job putting up with the both us getting up for sunrise everyday .. we got his return ticket early for the over night bus ride back to the airport that went without a hitch…   When your old man looks you in the eye and says You’ve done alright … there is no finer feeling ..hope to see him and Jackie sometime in the future




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