A new life in Belize

While the cats away ……

I realized  there was something missing from the blog and it it was music..so here’s a new thing i’m trying ..to make people feel how we feel here in Belize    so click on the link and read the blog whilst you listen to it            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLexgOxsZu0


H took a trip back to the UK to visit her family and our friends , 2 weeks of indulgence in all things western , while i ate rice and beans 🙂    i did send some quality gifts to the guys i  shared an office with WHEN I WORKED 🙂  i racked my brains for something of quality and summed Belize up …in the end the only thing i could find was Belikin beer mats , it’s the thought that counts guys 🙂    ….. .. i traveled  up with H by bus to Cancun Airport and waved her  off and traveled back down the same day arriving at 8pm  in Chetumal the mexican city just across the border , i had sneakily been onto Google earth and checked out safe places to leave my truck all day and found that the police station car park for police vehicles doesn’t have a barrier on it … so i parked in there and the truck was waiting for me on my return…  i just had to dive into Mc Donalds on the way back and had a Hersey McFlurry  it was amazing just to try a little of western zing for a brief while 🙂  H did a lot of partying  whilst away  and her  parents kept a check on a her drinking habits whilst she was there …  little did they know she had a secret stash in her bedroom  🙂

Janine had a birthday BBQ  just as H arrived she was  one of H’s brides maids on that ill fated day nearly 20years ago 🙂


Two tarts ….. not a cake in sight 🙂

In Belize  there is no quality  or choice ..if you see something you buy it  …then it breaks …an all to common sequence of events … we need a whole list of just simple stuff bringing back , we got good pairs of  hiking sandals and were desperate for a dart board , which she bought from Argos ..£26 a bargain … i also had my Didgeridoo at a Phil and Jess’s house and got H to cart that back as well ..she bought a new rucksack 100 litre but it still stuck out the top a good foot and a half , miraculously it made it back in one piece , i can remember seeing it at the airport when i went to pick her up and being relieved it had made it .. i  then thought ..oh and H made it back safe too  🙂   …..   Chunky  and Slim cooked her a lamb dinner one night and they skyped with me to show me what i’d missed  B’stards ( french for great mates …i think !!!!)

The lamb dinner crew ..must have been quite heavy  , as they had a lot  of wine to wash it down  :)

The lamb dinner crew ..must have been quite heavy , as they had a lot of wine to wash it down 🙂

She still hasn’t stopped talking about the great time she had whilst back in UK and wants to send a big thank you to everyone who looked after her and a hug to everyone she missed 🙂

Back in Belize our friends Man Mountain and Wood Nymph got us playing this game called Rummikub it’s so addictive we just had to go out and buy it basically there are numbers on counters and you drink  huge volumes of rum it’s  great ….  they brought over a visiting friend who turned out to be Argentinian and was a really good laugh a brief discussion about the Malvinas … ERRRRR   ….FALKLANDS  and the ice was broken .. she goes by the name of Vero but we soon changed it to ZERO as she didn’t win a single game of Rummikub …. she did however  knock a cup of our home brew jungle juice over  and proclaimed ..are you drinking piss … we all fell about laughing a great one liner..

Left to right ..Zero , Wood Nymph and Man Mountain

Left to right ..Zero , Wood Nymph and Man Mountain

The Lime trees are going crazy outside our house everyday the floor is littered with limes that have dropped off the tree’s so H decided to do her version of Lime Curd    she calls it  H’slime  , it’s very tasty  and i can’t get enough of it  😉

H is convinced we are getting a cat … you know how you make a remark and it gets taken out of context ..on her return  …..all i said was ..i don’t know how people go without pussy for 2 weeks   🙂

Perfect even if it's a little Tart .. i wouldn't have her any other way :)

Perfect even if it’s a little Tart .. i wouldn’t have her any other way 🙂


4 responses

  1. Don´t you guys get some sun in Belize…
    still jealous, even in Barcelona
    hugs Peter

    July 8, 2013 at 7:54 am

    • Peter i’d say on average 340 days a year it’s 80 + degrees , with sunny skies .. it sure is hard coping with it 🙂

      July 9, 2013 at 12:03 pm

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