A new life in Belize

Licenced to Kill……..

The last music link didn’t open in a new window so hopefully it’s fixed this time ..   Don’t forget to sing along  …….


We are well into the rainy season now, this means it doesn’t rain much BUT when it does it’s a downpour…. about 2 weeks ago we had 6 inches in a couple of hours , it really is nice to see the rain ,but 10 days after there is a mosquito explosion which lasts a couple of weeks , the last one has just passed and a tropical storm Dorian didn’t get too close to us and headed to Cuba instead.During the last rains we had 4 frogs shelter in H’s roof top lounge and i could be seen hopping around trying to catch them in a cup and  release them outside.

Tree frog enjoying the sun after his release

Tree frog enjoying the sun after his release

We have three dogs, Zeus a rottweiler/ shepherd cross , and two doberman bitches Phoenix and Kilya   , Phoenix is the runt and is bossed about by the other two, we decided to try and have her sleep in the porch and then have her upstairs in the day time with the other two running free outside on patrol. i tried to coax her up the spiral staircase but she was having none of it ..i eventually put a trail of food snacks on each step and she could be heard stumbling up eating , she finally made it to the top to rapturous applause ,but then the real issue presented itself ….ever heard that cows can walk up stairs but not down? , well it’s kinda the same for dobermans on steep spiral staircases…  after a couple of hours of sliding down on her bum one step at a time she finally mastered it and now is officially an inside dog with 2hours free run in the morning and just before dusk . Zeus pulled a ligament in his leg and had been trying to run at full speed with Kilya, so we put him in the pen on his own, so Kilya was out at night on her own …3am i hear a commotion outside and switch the big flood lights on that surround the house , i see her  fighting with a porcupine rolling around biting it ,i shout her to stop and she comes to the door covered from head to toe in porcupine quills. i had to wear heavy leather gloves and use pliers to start pulling the quills out two hours later …….over three hundred quills pulled out and i still have her mouth to go . i can only open it a bit but see it’s completely full of quills. I decide to wait and have her tranquilized at the vets… 2cc of Ketamine and i’m pulling more out of her mouth at the vets …  she eventually wakes up 2 hours later at home and makes a full recovery  WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN!!!!!

Dr Dave and sleeping beauty

Dr Dave and sleeping beauty

I decided to get a Belize driving license as my UK one had just passed it’s 10 year expiry date …YES  they expire after 10 years and you have to have a new photo …..  well no point in getting a new one for the UK ,so i went off to the transport office i waited patiently 10 mins for the guy to finish playing solitaire on his computer for him to tell me I’m at the wrong office and need to go to one 3 miles away so off i go…. it’s early about 9.30am  the office is empty four people sat there fiddling with their mobile phones , I’m seen straight away and they fill a form out asking about previous driving license and convictions and i think this is going really well…… he hands me the form back and says right you need to copy your passport ,copy your license and get two photo’s and a doctor needs to examine you to say your fit to drive …EASY   i had loads of time   then he utters the words ONLY on a THURSDAY  … it was a Tuesday ..H said have you got it i was laughing ..i repeated his words ONLY on a THURSDAY  we both fell about laughing …we went got the photocopies and photo’s went to the doctors who looked at me and said your fine that’s 20bz and stamped the form and we went back to the office on a THURSDAY to see the same 4 people sat in the same desks doing nothing and i walked out with a license for 2 years cost £30.

Phoenix was patrolling outside the house and we heard the “I’ve found something bark”  so i rushed out to find her snapping at a snake… it was coiled and i couldn’t see the head properly so i shouted H who got our multipurpose clothes line pole / snake stick which is about 10 feet long with a v notch in the end , so i got the head immobilized and handed it to H whilst i went to chop it’s head off . You can never be too blase about snakes here especially when you can’t identify them properly. I immediately bury the head as it’s quite common for people to be bitten by snakes even after their heads have been cut off. This one was big enough to be BBQ so i still have got to wait to find out what it tastes like ..mark my words ONE DAY there will be a blog  called THE SNAKE BBQ 🙂

The one that didn't get away

The one that didn’t get away


My Dad competed in the Notts County crown green bowling competition and won 4 games and drew 1 game it was enough to get him 3rd place not bad to say he’s only recently taken it up .   I’ve encouraged him to keep going ,While ever he’s throwing bowls down the green he’s not spending my inheritance  🙂

We await the imminent arrival of  the Bertlam’s who have been absent for 9 months whilst he recovers from a complicated knee operation.

We had a movie night at Rock Lodge last night and i had some microwave popcorn for half way through the film , the lights came on the film went on pause ,just like they used to do in the cinema in the UK (if you’re old enough to remember)  I started on the pop corn ….easy ….place in a pan heat ..pop pop pop and it’s done …..WRONG!!!!  It burnt so our friend Magic Tinkerbell aka ” M.T ” aka “EMPTY ” (head)  jumped up…   dumped my smoldering batch ….. and put some oil and fresh corn in the pan,  shook it and heated and hey presto great popcorn.

Although "Empty's" looked better my BBQ popcorn turned out to be more tasty

Although “Empty’s” looked better my BBQ popcorn turned out to be more tasty


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