A new life in Belize

Twenty and Two

Every thing about our time in Belize……..   click this link  and listen whilst you read   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vgxnTX2QiU 

We just had our twentieth wedding anniversary  and flew over to Caye Caulker for 3 days of fun in the sun. Mid week out of season is just how we like it and many  buckets of beer were consumed sat in the blue waters of the lazy lizard bar at the split. The weather was perfect and we lazed around in the day and partied at night . Most notably we had a meal at Habanero’s on our wedding anniversary washed down by a nice bottle of red wine. We ended up in the rankest place on the island but danced the night away ,with our bellies full of grog  ….  and paid for it the next  day  🙂

20 years on ..life is good

20 years on ..life is good

We went back to stay at Popeyes Beach Resort and had a lovely sea view on the second floor and I watched the sunrise over the sea in the morning , Christina and Ron looked after us ,our stay could not have been any better.

Chilling at Popeyes Beach Resort with Christina and Ron

Chilling at Popeye’s Beach Resort with Christina and Ron

We arrived in Belize 2 years ago last week and the time has flown by ,we are well and truly relaxed doing what we want when we want . I am making some progress with the guitar ..i now have the start to Dueling Banjo’s down to a tee .  H is expanding her cooking skills she can now do scrambled eggs and Toast at the same time 🙂  .The weather is a glorious 82 degree’s all year round with a lovely sea breeze perfect for hours in the hammock.

We have had locusts arrive in the area on a migration ,not a biblical plague of such but they can be seen flying sluggishly in the early morning and at dusk. They have mostly orange wings and some purple or pink. They flash there wings in a courtship display whilst emitting and loud cricket like sound .quite spectacular. Sometimes when the conditions are right they migrate across the Atlantic ocean from Africa to the Caribbean . This fellow was cigar sized and posed happily for the photo.

Taking a rest at Rock lodge

A Locust taking a rest at Rock lodge

H returned from her trip to the Uk with a dart board and our Didgeridoo ,we had a wooden top made for the pool table in H’s roof top lounge which now doubles as large dining table .I had it made so it would split into two and is connected by dowel joints, an idea i robbed from our friends the Sibbo’s in the UK. We use one half of the wooden table top and hang it on the hammock chains and it forms a great place to hang the dartboard from ,which stops stray darts going through the screens . We have been practicing feverishly to crush all comers who dare challenge us 🙂  ….The Bertlams can be seen to be truly thrashed into defeat as i play a victory tune on my Didgeridoo!

I wonder what the local wildlife made of the new noise all the way from down under

I wonder what the local wildlife made of the new noise all the way from down under

Our friend Buffalo Bill was 65 last week so i offered to take him on a fishing adventure through Ranchito Lagoon and into the New River ,  it was a good 6 mile round trip and we were rewarded with 2 large Jack Crevalle  caught on a new shiny gold lure with a treble hook on the back , we had one more take that got off the hook and we paddled back with the wind in our faces back through the lagoon , as we’d been sat down for 6 hours Bill was quite stiff as he stepped off the kayak when we returned back to shore , the boat started to move back and he was unceremoniously baptized in the warm waters of the lagoon , luckily  no injuries sustained…  he drove back to rock lodge where h rustled up some rice and sauteed vegetables and the jack was filleted and lightly fried and finished off with a lime butter sauce , absolutely delicious about 5 pounds of meat from one fish , the dogs had to finish it off and bill took the fish carcass home for his house sit cats.  A couple of days later i returned with Nod my next door neighbour ,this time taking an easier route to “The spot” a mere ten minute paddle on a lazy river ….when we got there i saw the Silver King rise…my nemesis the elusive Tarpon!  I cast my waiting golden lure 80 feet right in front of him ,he readily took it and dove deep ..the line went slack and he erupted out of the water doing a cartwheel high in the air and dove again …. he lurched out again spinning and shaking his head and spat my lure out in defiance and was gone …. next time King i’ll have your crown …..  I’d waited 20 years for that fight and was happy to see him on his way ,he was a good 4 foot long and known in these parts to grow over 6 feet.

Intrepid explorers embarking on their adventure

Intrepid explorers embarking on their adventure


3 responses

  1. roy.ingram

    Hi Dave it’s Roy that used to be in charge of security at Solway Foods, I read all your post and enjoy them very much. Keep up the good work and all the very best wishes to you and yours.



    August 26, 2013 at 9:06 am

    • Roy , hope you are retired by now ..got to look after the old ticker ….make the days count 🙂

      August 26, 2013 at 1:32 pm

      • roy.ingram

        Been retired 2 years in November could not come soon enough left Stella (Rottviller) in charge made her day.
        Glad to hear all is well with you & H sounds as though you are building a good life for yourselves.By for now and all the very best wishes.

        September 10, 2013 at 9:28 pm

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