A new life in Belize

September Celebrations

Literally the whole month of September is taken up with some kind of celebration of sorts , they put out an activity list for each district  and next to each activity  it says FREE …this in not entirely true , as we all know in life there is a price or penalty to pay , in Belize’s case the price is always a HUGE Hangover  as these guys know how to party and it  gets started usually aroun11am  and goes on until 3 or 4am. I see posting on local forums of what  to do and how to stop noisy neighbours  wheeling there 7 foot high speakers out on to the porch and blasting music to there sometimes appreciative neighbourhood  , in short  this is how people party here GET USED TO IT  🙂 …..    We got chance to ride in the Carnival Parade with the Corozal Bay Sailing Club  a nifty Jeep wrangler towing a trailer with two  sail boats used to teach local kids how to sail on the bay. Our neighbours who invited us supplied huge bags of sweets to throw to the crowds of thousands upon thousands lining the streets. The weather looked ominous the clouds dark and heavy ,this must have scared the local gringo population away as the number of white faces in the crowd was pitiful,  but  luck  was on our side and the rain held off ..it was a GREAT DAY 🙂 .

In Corozal we were greeted with thousands of families with kids with huge smiles on their faces ,unlike in worksop where walking stick weilding benefit frauds would hurl rotten tomatoes.

The following Saturday  we went to the Independence Celebrations the whole of the seafront in Corozal Town ( known as Miami Beach ) bustling with families and local food stalls set up selling all kinds of great value lunch time snacks . A marquee tent erected with Punta Rock blasting out a free dance party  (locally known as a “Jump Up”) gyrating it’s increasing rhythm way into the small hours.

I snapped a photo of these two aging hippies before they roared off into the sunset


Due to the amount of mosquito’s last year  in the rainy season ,i went online and searched for something to protect me from the hundred bites or so i would get when cutting the grass .I managed to source a bug shirt  http://www.bugshirt.com/    it’s super lightweight has lots of ventilation and does exactly what it claims i can cut the grass and garden no problem ,not a single bite thus hugely eliminating the threat  of Malaria and Dengue Fever , if not minding looking a little ridiculous ,but i was spurred on my my neighbours  yard man who saw me and said ..I would wear one if i could get one ..i was lucky that my neighbour brought it down  for me on his last trip just before the heavy  rains fell .

H Say’s this is a great photo of me especially the fact that my face is obscurred 🙂

It was time to take my truck in for it’s annual road worthy test unlike last year  ,things had moved on no longer  did the guy just say  is everything ok with the truck  but they actually started checking all the items on the list as i found out when i took Bertlams car  to be tested , everything was going fine until he said HORN i pushed it and it didn’t work , i smiled at him and to my shock he said GO GET IT FIXED…  in Belize this was a shocker  if you saw what vehicles they let on the road ..so we got it fixed and passed. This time i was ready so i checked all my lights etc and found the parking light was out , so i went to the auto parts place and he produced a blue light and said thats all we have .. i laughed but took it any JUST in case and went to another auto parts shop …this time they produced an orange one ..  i kinda got the message if i kept on going i’d have rainbow of colours  but of course  not a white bulb , the truck passed and we got our sticker LEGAL  for another year  🙂

I met our friends MT ,Wood Nymph and Man Mountain at Bird island for a spot of fishing , they arrived an hour late , we fished for a while the girls got bored and went home  Dave -1 catfish ……  Man Mountain 0    i’ll keep you posted as the year goes on. I set the shot up below and said this is going to be a great photo just let me set the timer so i can get in it…   Nymph said if it’s really good then may be you should stay out of it …so i did  🙂

Wood ,EMPTY and Mountain

    Right to left             Wood ,Mountain and EMPTY

Our neighbour flipped his Hobie Cat in a vicious storm and it floated off, so the next day we arranged to go looking for it in a another neighbours boat after 2 hours of grunting and shoving we got the boat in the water to find out the a rat had chewed through the ignition wires (ONLY IN BELIZE)  so i went around to see JMan who let us use his Zodiac Dingy with a 6 horse power motor to go cruise the bay and surrounding mangroves to look for it … we were all day looking to no avail then the next a phone call from Sarteneja 18 miles away to say it had been found …. The owner of the Sea Breeze Hotel came to the dockas we took the thunder bolt and gave us his phone “Just In Case”  and we got to Sarteneja  to find the  Hobie Cat chained to a tree ….  i went to the police station to find it empty but after a few hollers got a reply ..Hello i’m in here ….  it turned out to be someone locked in the cells over night trying to convince me there had been a misunderstanding ……  YEAH RIGHT  …..  we left and waited for the single policeman to return ….luckily  i saw  a guy i had met properly the week before who was sailing sound south and he had found some rigging off the boat which would have been up SHITE creek without it.. so luck was on our side and we rigged the sails on the Hobie Cat  and completed the 18 miles in just under 2 hours .

Special Edit

Our Friend Rodi a.ka.   Peace Belize   is currently driving from Alaska to Belize in a 1959 ford pick up truck called Jeremiah with a small boat on the roof she is currently in Mexico after her trip was delayed  due to heavy rain storms which moved up from Belize ….  we expect sometime in the next couple of days  and wish her safe travels along the notorious Mexican   Highways……

peace belize

Jeremiah in Galveston Texas waiting for flood waters in Mexico to subside



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  1. Mopsy

    Great picture of Man Mt ( my baby boy) and his girls !

    October 6, 2013 at 4:34 pm

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