A new life in Belize

It’s been pouring

For all the people in the UK and those in other miserable places around the world reading this  blog ,you will be happy to know that it has rained most of October. H cove has had not one visit and is looking rather  rustic (shit hole)  so as soon as the sun makes an appearance ,I’ll be heading down to clean it up. So what do you do when it has rained so much that the old locals say it’s not been like this for 40 years , the answer is obvious POUR  a concrete roof. Our friend Rodi aka Peace Belize found a roofless building on her  land that the jungle had claimed in less than 7 years ,forgotten to the world until she cleared a portion of land to site her house . it’s about 20 feet from her elevated home and we discussed putting a concrete roof on the existing structure, with a Palapa on top and then building a bridge from her front door to the roof top Palapa. When she got back from Alaska driving Jeremiah the old faithful truck ,we hatched a plan to pour the roof . So 12 gringo’s labourers and 1 skilled Belizian set about the task. We framed it on the Saturday  a rare sunny day with a cooling breeze and planned the pour the next day . There’s a saying if you are pouring concrete it’s gonna piss down , guess what  IT PISSED DOWN … well i was talking to Giovanni the skilled Belizian and he was dubious that the concrete might spoil if the rain came heavy. Well the rain came heavy  , but informed  him of  some  white mans magic , the doppler radar vis rodi’s internet and we saw the rain was going to last 30 mins , he looked unsure as these guys are pretty good at looking at the clouds and predicting the weather . Forty minutes later the rain stopped and we started the pour. We mixed on the ground using shovels and sweat 2 cubic yards of concrete ,which was then shoveled in to buckets carried to the roofless building ,then a Man Mountain lifted the bucket above his head up to the roof . Man Mountain lifted the whole 4 tonnes on his own to that roof, although  i did see a bead  of sweat running down his forehead  he did pretty well  🙂 . I was never really into “The community spirit” back home as with everyone in the western world , i was trapped in the WORK  EAT SLEEP   whirlpool. Here  in Belize there is more time to relax and think about helping others who need a hand , it was a great day  and Rodi bought some beers and made a lovely chicken casserole for when the job was done.

I have disguised jman as he is camera shy and it was a little nippy a cool 26degrees celcius  so we had a little tipple to warm us up :)

I have disguised jman as he is camera shy and it was a little nippy a cool 26degrees Celsius so we had a little tipple to warm us up 🙂

Whilst Rodi was away in Alaska for the wet season down here (smart girl) her yard man planted some squash (pumpkin) and when she returned they had spread all over her yard ,so we took her some bananas and she gave us a couple large squash , i cooked one up roasted it and placed in on skewers with onions and bell peppers as an appetiser for a game of rummikub and it was soon polished off , i’ll warn you i’m no Gordon Ramsey  if you ever come to visit  🙂

Rodi and H with Jeremiah and her house in the background on "The Peace"

Rodi and H with Jeremiah and her house in the background on “The Peace”

Whilst at Rodi’s on the day of the pour someone had brought some coconut cakes from a local bakery , i wasn’t expecting much but they were delicious , they reminded me of the bakewell tarts my granny used to make but hers had raspberry jam in the bottom , unlike Josie Pott’s Bakewell Tarts that had no jam in them .So i thought I’d include this photo to show Josie what a proper bakewell tart looks like ..I added my own raspberry jam

Josie Potts eat your heart  out  :)  ....  when she reads this she will say  *%$&@?&    :)

Josie Potts eat your heart out 🙂 …. when she reads this she will say *%$&@?&   🙂

We help out for two days at the Corozal Bay Sailing Club regatta , H organised the raffle which had some great prizes donated by local business all in the name of charity  and teaching the local kids to sail on the bay and did a splendid job of announcing the winners after  the last race had finished. It was a well attend event with around 40 boats taking part in the event which  attracted young sailors from all over  Belize , the weather was perfect  and the wind was good for both days. I was on the safety boat  which set the course up and then made sure no one got into difficulty , the day went without a hitch and was a great success.

I didn't take my camera , but borrowed this photo from a friend

I didn’t take my camera , but borrowed this photo from a friend

We had an all to often invasion of Army Ants , which really only stay around a couple of hours  then  leave taking spiders and scorpions with them. When we returned home i walked into the bathroom and jumped straight back out , shouting %$@* ,then re-entered to check the exact colouring of the snake I’d found on the sink counter top RED ON YELLOW DEADLY FELLOW  , yep a fully grown Coral Snake , i brought H into the bathroom and we watched it for a while then asked her to keep an eye on it while i sharpened my machete , grab my snake stick and got hold of it’s head and cut it off, the heart was pumping a little , but the more time we spend down here the less frightening these things are, though this snake sure does deserve RESPECT , i found a hole that  “The builder”  had left  on top of the shower wall , it took me 5 mins to fix a piece of tile across this hole to stop any further invasions , that’s what  you get from a roofing contractor ..RIGHT !!!!!!   anyway alls well that  ends well   🙂

deadly fellow note - the head is cut off then the photo taken  :)

deadly fellow note – the head is cut off ,then the photo was taken 🙂


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