A new life in Belize

13 Ends

So 2013 ended, it’s been a GREAT year , paradise could not be any better , it finished on a high for 3 reasons . Firstly an annoyance in our lives has decided to move ,it turns out to be the icing on the cake , we may even get normal neighbours , fingers crossed ūüôā …¬† secondly¬† we went to a New Years Eve¬† party¬† which was at a local development called of all things¬† TAMPON COVE¬† , we all took a dish of food drank copious amounts of rum ( no change there) listen to festive music (Barf)¬†¬† and ended playing poker ,which was¬† a real laugh , i was doing great until Queen Elizabeth( she was as old and wearing a tiara) tricked me, into going all in and¬† CRUSHED me¬† ūüôā ….. ¬† At midnight we were promised a firework spectacle to remember from the near by city of Chetumal,¬† just across the border in Mexico… We saw 5 rockets heard 2 air bombs and then the finale …TWO bright glowing¬† orbs … In fact some of party goers had lit cigarettes which out shone anything we had seen¬† ūüôā¬† . There was¬† some ridiculous talk of jumping in the pool , some of the girls didn’t have swim wear or under wear, as it turned out , so skinny dipping was put forward , i looked around at the aging lumps and bumps and talked everyone into to going in fully clothed ..no point in spoiling a good party , i slipped off my shoes and jumped in followed my more revelers , we floated on our backs¬† and looked up at the cosmos … Isn’t life just¬† great ūüôā .¬† ¬† I even did some fishing before the party started and we stayed over at a friends house so i could have a drink. We were thwarted the next morning when we tried to leave as they had locked the entrance gate so we couldn’t get out , eventually gaining escape, we were free, but had a great¬† time . Thirdly and most important it was H’s Birthday¬† so we headed off for fried chicken¬† and were treated to free games of pool by the owner , we later headed back to our house for more pool , darts and some locally made moonshine (Rocket fuel)¬† Sorry to Rodi for not inviting her as i had got her return date mixed up¬† ūüė¶¬†¬† ..There’s always next year¬† ūüôā

moonshine madness

moonshine madness

Sometimes in life things just happen in unison (at the same time – for most of the American readers¬†¬†¬† ūüôā¬† )¬† We had a round glass table in H’s roof top lounge, but every time it rained it was a pain to clean , so we decided it would free up a little space if we gave it as a gift to Rodi for her tree top house, she was coming round to our house and had no idea , the table was already outside ready to load in Jeremiah (her truck)¬† as she arrived i told her it was her lucky day , she quizzically looked at me and said it might be yours to .. which put a puzzled look on my face, she dropped down her tail gate ( on the truck¬† ūüôā ) ¬† and there starring at me were the two Koi Carp brass tea lights that i had commented on a couple of months ago, that she had brought all the way down from Alaska , they now sit suspended on either end of my pool table light , what great karma we got out of that totally unexpected exchange of gifts . At night we light¬† them and watch them sway in the warm tropical breeze¬† ūüôā

Koi tea lights

Koi tea lights

If you know me well i always talk about the shit sandwich , not any connection¬†¬† to Solway¬† , but a management technique of hiding something distasteful , between two bits of good news , in this case it is the end to a story of me commissioning a painting through a woman called¬† CONME ..¬† supposedly shrewd business woman , and renounced art critic , who turned out to be a fool,¬† gave the guy all my money, after i told her not to . Anyway the painting was for H’s 40th it arrived 18 months late and was a pile of garbage , so we left it at her house . Some weeks later in the midst of her running away from her husband she left it at our gate , so we eventually got around to burning it as it was raining on Guy Fawkes night , it’s good to cleanse the soul and it cost me $300 but just lighting that fire sure put i smile on our faces , the life lesson, remove all the negative from your life and you’ll be happy .

If it vexes you , burn it

If it vexes you , burn it

Other News

My Niece Chloe has had a baby girl called Savannah . In the same week my Nephew Liam got married  , and now he is in Germany  waiting to go out to Afghanistan with the British Army , we wish them both good luck in their new quests in life.

We Have friends coming over end of January from the UK¬† ,¬† Paul¬† and Dave , Dave i haven’t seen for 30 years so it will be good to catch up.

Finally¬† i thought I’d include this latest carving i bought from the guy who carved the Jaguar¬† Head , it’s of the Ancient Mayan King¬† Pakal , who is thought by some ( NUT BAR scholars ) to have made contact with aliens ,anyway if you ever visit and want something locally made, a one off piece of art ,Jason Anderson is the guy to go and see .¬† No shop ,just a bike and a small back pack¬† , a mallet , couple of chisels and sandpaper , a great example of a local natural talent.

Mayan King Pakal , carved from Grenadine hardwood

Mayan King Pakal , carved from Grenadine hardwood


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  1. Enjoy the dream. Looks brill

    January 5, 2014 at 6:08 pm

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