A new life in Belize

Southern excursion

We had friends over from the UK, Martin and Bayliss ,so decided to go out to the islands and then head down south for a camping trip. We did the obligatory trip with my neighbour on the Hobie cat over  to Orchid Bay and had great weather again (it had been cold and stormy prior to their arrival) Bayliss Sailed there and Martin sailed back both proving themselves to be quite handy  for first timers at the helm.It got a bit bumpy on the way back and H could be observed clinging on for dear  life ,saying ” i do not know why do this to myself”  as she has a fear  of water and a husband that might not be in a hurry to save her  🙂

Bayliss and Martin at Orchid Bay

Bayliss and Martin at Orchid Bay

We took the Thunder bolt water taxi over to Ambergris Caye and then another water taxi to Caye Caulker arrived at Popeye’s Beach Resort to find we had been up graded to ocean view , Even though Bayliss and Martin had known each other for 40 years bayliss declined to share a double bed so slept outside on a hammock .It was a little chilly at night 22 degrees celcius so he came in for a blanket , but alfresco is his style and he seemed happy. We were sat in the lazy lizard bar up to our waists in water drinking beer (not like us) and H proclaimed i have a Octopus on my arm, i laughed and looked down to see an Octopus attached to her arm about 2 feet across it covered all her arm , i gently eased it off and it attached itself to my arm then just stayed around us to much excitement from the people on dry land . I managed to grab my underwater camera and took some video and a few photo’s . A guy tried to pick it up but it inked him ..better him than me  🙂

tentative tentacles

tentative tentacles

We got a taxi ride and the owner informed us he also gave tours , i was dubious as he claimed we could see a crocodile . The only crocodile i heard of on Caye caulker was one that attacked a tourist who was swimming where people used to feed it last year. So we set off on a golf cart ride around the island and actually went to places we had never been . We were even promised flamingo’s they must have been scared off by other people the taxi driver exclaimed( and the same story for the croc i thought) so we pulled up at a muddy pool and got out and there behold were two beady eyes sticking out of the water. As we approached it surfaced and the proceeded to haul it’s body out a mere 8 feet away . We know it was about 8 feet away because it was around 8 feet long . He gave us a wink and a smile for the camera and submerged into the inky water.

Just a little closer my friends  ..SNAP SNAP

Just a little closer my friends ..SNAP SNAP

The next day we took the water taxi to Belize City , met up with Rodi and two of us rode in the back on sun loungers , it was quite comfy and we got out at Hattiville Prison to take a photo outside the main gate . We were informed by the guards inside ,that if we took a photo then we would find ourselves inside …so we jumped back into the truck and sped of in a cloud of dust. 3 hours later we arrived in Hopkins after taking an ice cream stop at the mennonite barn on the humming bird highway. We arrived in Placencia and jumped onto Canjoes boat and headed out to Frigate Caye to camp for two nights. The Caye was just like the Dry Tortugas camping and had a round bar and crude toilets , with a magnificent reef off the back of the island. After that we went back to Placencia to spend the night . We had a friend pre pay at Omars Hostel  and they gave our rooms away ..it looked like a Sh*t Hole so may be it was a blessing in disguise . We ended up staying on a dock in the tent at night at a friends house and we had great nights sleep.

Placencia dock camping looking out across the sea



Our friends who ran the pie and cake store Morgans (named after their son) Have decided to do some more traveling and eventually end up back in Scotland to give him a better chance in School, we wish the good luck and now we will have to bake our own pies  .

Zeus ,Phoenix and Kilya found an ant eater in the garden and I successfully managed to rescue it and set him on his way

I got up a couple of months ago to view the geminid meteor shower  and saw a MOONBOW  cast across the bay caused by a sinking full moon .

All in all life is treating us well and relaxing is our new found past time  🙂


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