A new life in Belize

The Great Escape

Our “Neighbour” put a fence up between our house and his to aid the selling of his house as the dogs would scare off potential buyers . In theory a great idea but an ill thought out venture. The dogs were free to roam over the two properties and the fence worked for about 1 day . Zeus discovered he could simply crawl underneath , did the thought ever cross anyone’s mind to bury the first 6 inches …i guess not . We cooked up a plan to get bush sticks that they use to hold roofs up when they pour concrete . We only need  to do 2 sides of the property but finding 440 feet of straight trees was no mean feat. I finally aquired enough sticks and started attaching them to the bottom of the fence with my stapling gun. H was supervising as usual and commented that Zeus was pushing the newly stapled fence with his nose. He eventually broke free so we tried PLAN B and used heavy duty staples that you knock in with a hammer . Zeus and the girls now are securely fastened in for the time being 🙂

On patrol- left to right Phoenix, Kilya and Zeus

On patrol- left to right Phoenix, Kilya and Zeus

We get together with our other close neighbours once a week to play Rummikub.  A couple of weeks ago we get there and two people from International Living magazine are there taking pictures of their house and interviewing them. They interview people who have left everything behind and started a new life ( especially the ones with nice houses ) so hopefully they will make the final cut and appear representing Belize , my contribution was the photo of my neighbours , so I’ve included it here in our international lazing blog  🙂

The neighbours relaxing on their veranda

The neighbours relaxing on their veranda

A visiting friend commissioned a walking stick from the guy who carves the wooden masks , unfortunately they changed their plans and left Belize early so the walking stick wasn’t ready . The guy showed up at my house with the stick so i bought it off him as it was so good and I would probably need one at some point in the future …if only to keep H in line   🙂  .  It can’t really be posted back to the UK as it’s a tropical hardwood so would need radiation treatment permits and so on, if you were to carry off the plane through customs there would be no problem .. How messed up is the world OUT THERE  .

walking stick

Did i ever mention the problems with my house  🙂  well we corrected another one last week . When it rained hard water would seep in through the roof joists. ” The Builder / Roofing Contractor / bodge it and scarper  man”  had a great idea put a barge board over an 1/2 inch crack that water would seep down  as it was unsealed. He had one attempt to fix this easy issue he used window sealant  for the “Permanent fix”  . We did the proper way  removed the useless barge board and plastered over the wood to ensure a water tight seal, it took a day. May be i should call myself a building contractor , it seems everyone else does down here :).

We even used scaffolding  ,which is a very rare sight in belize

We even used scaffolding ,which is a very rare sight in belize


Noise in villages and towns is a huge problem in Central America . People build their own 8 feet speakers and blast music off their porches directly at their neighbours and the everyone for the next 1/2 mile and there is nothing that can be done. Everyone is related to someone else so protesting to the mayor or local police gets you nowhere as no one will take action against “family members”. We recently had a bank holiday here and people came and partied about 1/4 mile from our house.  At least the music stopped at 3am and was only over the weekend …it’s not like we have to go to work or anything 🙂 ..on the up side you will never hear a police , ambulance or fire engine siren , it just never happens and no one will tell you that your dog barking is causing a nuisance , because the other 10 thousand dogs in the town are doing exactly the same  thing.  If your reading this and are considering  Belize, a good nights sleep if you live near the towns is a RARE thing , bare this in mind when choosing a location to live .





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  1. Jill

    I know that man and the scaffolding, all OHS approved 🙂

    March 20, 2014 at 1:07 am

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