A new life in Belize

All Clear

Our neighbour across the road has started to clear up his 34 acre parcel as a result we now have a great sea view from the house . H and i were kayaking in the bay the other day and she snapped this photo of the house .

The view from the sea to our house

The view from the sea to our house

The land was cleared by Mennonites who are the migrant workers who originally left  Germany in the 50’s went to Canada , then Mexico and are now in Belize. They do most of the arable farming in Belize and turned out to be excellent land clearer s. They turned up with a big bull dozer and worked 13 hours a day for a week , i asked John (who is on the right in the picture below) how much he got paid and he replied nothing , my family provide everything for me and when i get married i will get given land , a house and wages. These guys really did graft hard from dawn till dusk and were genuinely very happy. They speak a mixture of low German mixed with Dutch and a little English and Spanish . They live in Ship Yard which was an hour and a half drive each way ,how many people today would do that 6 days a week?

Just finished work 7pm you can just see the fire burning on the left hand side .

Just finished work 7pm you can just see the fire burning on the left hand side .

The circus came to town and caused quite a stir as it normally does. Lions ,tigers and other big cats all part of the show . There is a strong rumor around town that they pay £5 for any dog brought alive to them as food for the animals . BUT you don’t see any stray dogs around on the streets when the circus in town . After it left there was a large “Gang” of dogs on the park ,obviously survived another year 🙂

Rol up Rol up   £5   a dog

Roll up Roll up £5 a dog

I was in the petrol station filling up in town and H snapped this photo from the passenger window , the BBQ was inside the petrol station not more than 30 feet from the pumps , this is when you truly know you are in a third world country . I wouldn’t mind but it’s the only petrol station in town imagine what a bind it would be if it did go up in flames  🙂

The sign in the petrol station says "No Naked Flames"

The sign in the petrol station says “No Naked Flames”

Our neighbour has had a dishwasher that hasn’t worked for 5 years and 4 different plumbers have been to try and fix it, when i asked what was wrong with it , they were told it won’t work because the pipes are cemented into the wall. This seemed ludicrous as the machine is brand new and only worked twice, so i investigated , stripped it down , we hand the pump motors , tested in town (£3)   they were fine we cleaned the filters out removed a piece of glass and hey presto it now works . goes to show “don’t be believe everything you hear ” …especially about  H and i      …..   🙂

A mystery  solved

A mystery solved


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