A new life in Belize

The season to be jolly

So the hurricane season of 2014 is officially over , we experience below average rainfall and no hurricanes . Our water tanks are full and the dry season should be starting in the next month which means adios to the mosquitoes which were only around for 3 months this year.

There has been a few instances of dead fish in the bay this year which has led to questions of poisoning but thankfully the last few fishing trips have yielded healthy fish . A few months ago i thought that the whole bay had been poisoned until we bumped into a local fisherman on the New River , i asked if he had caught and he told his kids to hold up the fish , the boat was full of fish they picked the biggest two.

We fish for fun, they fish to eat . A tarpon on the left and a Jack Crevalle on the right.

We fish for fun, they fish to eat . A tarpon on the left and a Jack Crevalle on the right.

Vickers and Cody dropped in for the week so we hitched a lift down to Belize with a friend who was buying a boat motor. What i didn’t realize was that he wanted me to guide him to the Yamaha Dealership which i thought was on the main road . It turned out to be in the heart of the city which is a maze of one way streets that the Minataur would have gotten lost . Thankfully he had printed of a map which i navigated pretty well until we hit a closed Street and diversion . We were now in the streets that you are told never to go down so i suggested we lock the doors and windows . A wiley looking rasta man asked us where we were going and told us we had to drive around the back streets and upon our arrival was waiting  for us for a reward. We spent so much time in the Yamaha place he had gone when we walked out. H was a little nervous and our friend said she need not be , mmmmm  not to sure about round these parts.  The next week in the newspaper it said a guy was shot in the head, right where we were a couple of days after our visit , just another day in the city!!!  70miles from sleepy corozal

We met Vickers and Coy at the airport and caught the bus back up 65 miles journey £3 each , the buses are what everyone uses to get around , the rule is never leave your bag by the back emergency door as people use this to get off the bus and you might lose your bag. We spent a couple of days in Corozal then took the Thunderbolt water taxi to San Pedro and then hopped over to Caye Caulker. The Lazy Lizard was closed but you can still use the facilities so we bought a bucket of beer and a bottle of rum and made our own fun.

At the lazy lizard ,with a subliminal message :)

At the lazy lizard ,with a subliminal message 🙂

We stayed at the “World Famous” Popeyes beach Resort for a change 🙂  We jumped in the hot tub and the afternoon just melted away along with the bottle of rum. We shared the hot tub with a visiting  group of Germans and had a good laugh it gave me an opportunity to find out whats happening out there in the world  brush up on my  German. We returned to Corozal and another friendly German took us over to the Mayan ruin across the bay. It was such a nice day even H enjoyed the sail , we spent 3 mins at the ruins just enough to take this photo before clouds of mosquitoes beat us back to the boat.

3 tasty snacks at the Cerros mayan temple

3 tasty snacks at the Cerros mayan temple

Had two bits of car trouble , drove the car, stopped and it wouldn’t start so our friendly Hotelier Mr Lawrence did a few on spot electrical tests and we head off to a local electrical mechanic who got us going again and rewired our truck so you don’t have to start it with the lights switched on. Use of ramp to diagnose problem £3, 1 hours labour  to fix electrical £7 .  The second issue we had was the exhaust was blowing , i had previously had the joint welded up but it had rotten away again so the Belizian solution was to remove the catalytic convertor and replace with a straight piece of pipe £ 18 and we were on our way. For all those eco people out there i have 40 coconuts  to offset any carbon foot print 🙂 .

Large cats have been sighted in the area a mountain lion was caught on camera and two jaguars have been seen at the dump . A couple of weeks ago my neighbours dogs were attacked my something large and had to go to the vets on two different occasions to get sewn back up. A couple of days ago we saw a large white tailed deer right next to the house , you just have to keep reminding yourself that we live in the wild. The upside is that the solitude is wonderful . I have worn out two hammocks in 3 years ,the other option was to stop in the UK and work until i was 67 ..let me think about that 🙂

I have been working down a large stack of national geographic back copies and came across this great effective simple idea for water purifying.If anyone is traveling to third world countries please share this idea with local people. ***Note  The risk of plastic decaying in sunlight is insignificant to the benefit of not contracting cholera or dysentery *****

Share this idea , save and improve peopes lives

Share this idea , save and improve peopes lives


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