A new life in Belize

Scotlands wettest summer for 40 years

We hadn’t been to Scotland and were saving it for when we got old. Now we’ve moved to Belize we decided to see on our trip and waited most of the summer for a decent week. This didn’t happen so short on time we decided to go for the week with a forecast for sunshine and showers. We started our trip North and stopped over with the “Geordie lass” just below Edinburgh in a house she’d rent for the week with her family. Next day we headed past Glasgow and ended up in a place called Tyndrum , which had a great pub and a crap chip shop . The chip shop had the words REAL FOOD  outside .. I think the word SH*T  had fallen off between the two prominent words 🙂 . What Tyndrum does have is a great camp site called The Pines , it has great facilities and even piped music in the bathrooms ..BIZARRE but great . We broke camp early in the rain and headed for the Isle of Skye. We drove past beautiful Loch’s and vast Glens and mountains , unfortunately it pissed it down the whole time and we saw nowt. We arrived in Skye , who’s name comes from the Norse word  Sky   which means ” Cloud Island” . Those Viking left out the word miserable 🙂 . In high spirits we pitched our tent in the rain lashed mountains as we finished a brief glimpse of sun produced this photo.


In the middle of the Cuillins mountain range just after the rain had stopped

 All there is at Sligachan is a Hotel and whisky bar , which serves great food and has 220 types of whisky. It was voted 2015 best bar in Scotland meaning it’s the best whisky bar in the world. We were playing pool and knocking back pints when a bloke (man) asked me what whisky’s I had tried . None I replied I don’t like the stuff, he said you’ve come to Scotland for the one and only time in your life and your in the best whisky bar and you are not even going to try one .. NOPE was my curt reply. Well the next night , after the guy rope was ripped from our tent in fierce winds and we’d decided to flee this wild place, we were having one last drink. I got to the bar saw all these bottles of whisky and decided the bloke from the night before was right. I asked the bartender what was there best whisky and she replied a Link wood 54 , coincidentally 54 was the year it was made and the price for a single shot. I inwardly gasped and hid my surprise by replying ..you got to be f*cking kidding me 54 quid for a shot. She smiled and said here’s the menu there 219 others to choose from. I looked at it for a minute , it might as well be written in Sanskrit , I had no idea what anything was. So I looked her straight in the eye and said i’ll have the Link Wood …she stuttered  REALLY  ..lets do I said I’m only here once. She searched the bar for 10 minutes and eventually another bar tender told her where the bottle was … it’s in the cellar right to the back , there is a dark corner and in that corner there is a box , it’s in there. A few minutes later she appeared with a presentation box in her hand ,and as she walked along bar the whole place came to a stand still, the 6 other bar staff stopped what they were doing and stared at this bottle of whisky. One of the bar tenders came up and said who’s having that .. she pointed at a rain lashed , wrinkled t shirt clad ,oaf ( me) , he said REALLY in a broad Scottish voice , can I pour it . They had trouble getting the bottle out of the box and it was at that point I realised no one had ever opened this box and when they produced the bottle it had it’s original seal around the corked top. It was a virgin bottle and the bar tender was so excited he had his photo taken with the bottle. I motioned to him to sniff the cork as he opened the bottle , which he did savouring the smell. He poured the drink into a Glen Cairn whisky glass and I said to him have the first sip , he said your joking aren’t you ,a whisky that expensive and you are giving some of it away. I told him I didn’t like whisky  and needed someone who knew about these things to tell me if it’s any good. At this he burst out laughing. He savoured the smell, taste it , rolled it around his mouth and commented on it’s flavour, texture and accents..  turned to me and said it’s a gud un ( nice). I got back to H who gave me a few sharp words ( bollocking) cos I’d been gone over 15 minutes and explained it was a special whisky , well she had a sip and it wasn’t for her. For me ,other whisky’s  I had tried before had been  sharp , but this one was smooth and had an oaky taste. H said if that whisky is so special then I bet that glass will fit in your pocket , it did and will take pride of place in a dark corner in Belize 🙂

link wood 54

54 quid you’ve got to be f*cking kidding me 🙂

We made our escape from Skye , why bonny Prince Charlie ever went there it’s beyond me 🙂  and drove back through Glen Coe and ended up in Troon. We stayed in The Cherries B and B  which backs on to Troon golf course and were looked after by Margaret ( I talk to my self, but I know it ) . We asked her for somewhere special to go for the day and she sent us to the lovely Loch Doon , here there is a ruined castle that was moved from an island in the loch to the loch side . It successfully thwarted a English siege in the 13 hundreds and we had a picnic inside, as the sun came out. It is certainly a hidden gem.

Loch Doon

A great place for a picnic , another English invasion

 As we were in the area we dropped in on our Scottish pie making friends from Belize , who had moved back to so there son could get a better education. We arrived Harry pulled up his shirt and there were 7 holes in his chest covered by large plasters , he explained he’d been in for an operation. We think Carla had knifed him and we only stayed the one night , leaving early in the morning 🙂 . To sum Scotland up … we expected rain and it didn’t disappoint the people were great and the scenery was stunning , BUT they don’t half talk funny up there 🙂


Re united still the same old scallywags 🙂


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