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Turkey is NOT just for Christmas

Turkey had always conjured up visions of filthy eateries , days spent on the toilet wasting your holiday and people hassling you to buy something. I could not been any more wrong. H wanted to meet Slim and Chunky (S C) on holiday so we booked to meet them at the start of their second week in Turkey. We stayed in Hisaronu , just up from Oludeniz famous for the Blue Lagoon( not the film). This holiday involved a lot of drinking …which was not the norm for us 🙂 BUT we somehow survived !!! SC were talking about a boat trip around the coast , when we got the price we decided to privately rent the boat for the day as it was quite reasonable. We sailed from Fethiye to Oludeniz and had the boat for the day. Three old salty sea dogs met us and welcomed us on the boat and before you knew it ,we were on our way out of the harbour drinking sweet tea. The Captain asked if I wanted to try fishing , I asked what bait they were using ,on which he held up a drinking straw. I’ll start fishing AFTER the first fish is caught I said to him. Five minutes later BANG a tuna was pulled in. I jumped up grabbed my drinking straw on the end of a hand line with a hook sticking out the back and instantly caught another tuna. H, slim and chunky jumped up and before you knew , everyone was hauling tuna in. At one point we had a triple hook up. Slim had the biggest fish of the day. We caught 12 ,but could have had 50 if we had circled the area. The crew cooked up the fish with Pasta it was absolutely delicious.

Here the trio caught at the same time and i got to hold the fish :)

Here the trio caught at the same time and i got to hold the fish 🙂

As we had the chartered the boat we cruised around leisurely all day. We got to stop at a bay where big sea turtles were eating seaweed off the rocks at the bottom of the bay. There were plenty surfacing around our anchored boat and we went snorkelling to get a close up. The turtles were bigger than I thought, diving down with them I realised some had 5- feet long shells. At certain points the captain took us to hidden coves with beaches so H could get off the boat and go for a dip in the water . It was a really great day,  cruising ,relaxing with friends ,and listening to chilled vibes, on flat calm seas .The fishing memory will certainly last a life time  🙂

Cooling off in the crystal clear waters , with the boat in the back ground

Cooling off in the crystal clear waters , with the boat in the back ground

Chunky was a regular to Turkey and talked me into a Turkish Bath and then a shave with a cut throat razor. H was really keen on me at least having the  shave 🙂 . We ventured off on our own and before a knew it ,I was stripped to my shorts and in a sauna sweating like a pig at 100 degrees. We exited the sauna and jumped in to the cold plunge pool ,which was very refreshing. Next we entered a large octagonal room completely decked out in magnificent marble, the middle of the room was a huge raised heated marble slab that you laid on to dry off. There was soft piped music and you could easily have fallen a sleep in there it was so relaxing, UNTIL there was the crack of a towel and the rub down guy came in.  Chunky let me go first so I could get the FULL experience. The guy thrashed me with a towel , vigorously rubbed me down showing me the dead skin he was removing from me , shouting DIRTY DIRTY , he then worked up a lather and covered me in bubbles and scrubbed me down again. He then rubbed oil over me and I was done . Chunky had the same and after we were wrapped head to toe in towels and given apple tea to drink whilst we dried off.  Later we went for a shave AGAIN I went first , a cut throat razor was produced and he set about me ,at one point he stopped and told me to stop talking as I’d caused him to knick my throat. He shaved me twice, lit a stick with rags on and blew fire into my ears and up my nose. The gave me a full head ,shoulder and hand massage. What an experience it was cheap as chips , I’d do it every week if I lived there.

The worlds chance to eradicate me , I got knicked BUT survived JUST :)

The worlds chance to eradicate me , I got knicked BUT survived JUST 🙂

I had one thing on my bucket list for Turkey , really the only thing I came for. To jump off the top of Babadag Mountain and soar above Oludeniz and the blue lagoon on a tandem paraglider. I tried to get extra sports cover insurance but it was difficult to arrange , so threw caution to the wind and decided what the hell you only die ONCE. Chunky was over the moon as he had always wanted to do it so we went with SKY SPORTS a very professional set up. We were transported by mini bus up the mountain and when the door opened a girl screamed oh my god. She had seen the short paved run strip that disappeared off the mountain side. At 6000 feet it’s the highest commercial jump site in the world. The pilot who I was with was the Turkish long distance champion and had been doing this 18 years. He said, once we are up the danger is over. We just need enough speed to get off the edge of the cliff ….WHAT EVER HAPPENS KEEP RUNNING.  A quick run and we were lofted into the sky on a strong up lift , we soared like eagles .. it was well worth the money and risk. Chunky opted for the aerobatics and bagged the video to go with it. I wanted the maximum amount of time in the air. We came down with buildings either side of us down the main street and made a perfect landing.  Thanks to Slim and Chunky for showing us Turkey and all it’s delights at a fraction of the cost of Greece, I would definitely go back ..especially for the Kebabs  🙂

Soaring in the Turkish skies , the brown trail behind me I photo shopped out  :)

Soaring in the Turkish skies , the brown trail behind me I photo shopped out 🙂


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