A new life in Belize

Casa Verde

Casa Verde reduced

The entrance to the new house

It’s been a while since I last posted lethargy is a terrible disease 🙂 . So we spent the last 3 weeks before we left on our trip putting in the foundations pouring the floor slab , building the walls and finally  casting the roof.  Then we went on an 7 month trip , it should actually have been longer ,but we did get travel weary and half way through the month in Greece we decided that we would save S.E. Asia for another trip ,otherwise we would have just been going through the motions of travelling. So we came back early and spent the December and January the  project of a house build never really finishes and evolves after all the messy stuff is out of the way. In Belize is actually finding things to go inside the house , like furniture and the such as it doesn’t exist here . Bed sheets are a prime example they only have a few sizes of cheap thin material covered in gaudy patterns so these need to be sourced outside of the country. I was responsible for the build and H kitted it out and picked the coloured scheme and furnishings. When we planned the house I drew all the plans and then sent them to an architect to put into the official format so they could go to the Central Building Authority for approval. This went really smooth ,not the hassle we were expecting. When I showed the plans  there was a column in the front room that it was suggested could be moved and hidden in a wall . This would have moved us away from the 13 foot rule from beam to beam and building down here things are different so I wanted to keep as strong a structure as possible . So I hatched a plan of encasing the concrete pillar with a tree trunk. I hadn’t seen one done down here only in magazines in the states ,but thought what the hell. It was only a chance meeting of some Mennonites at the wood yard that resulted in the tree trunk idea becoming reality. Very little English and no proper German or Spanish is spoken its a horrible mixture of blurb so I sent them away with an idea of what I wanted and waited not knowing what i’d really get. The tree was cut in the deep jungle probably where no one had ever set foot. It was  trimmed in the jungle down to a 40 foot log then dragged out by a tractor to a saw mill they had built. It was cut and I got the bottom 10 feet. They then cut it in half right along it’s length using a 54 inch blade and the cut the heart out ,so when the two pieces were put back together they would fit around the concrete pillar. It was then loaded on to a truck that had to be dragged 15 miles by a tractor to reach a road. then driven another 60 miles to my house. It arrived and was far better than what I had been expecting. It took 7 men to drag it into the house and hoist it up. It was a risk that paid off and it joined perfectly around the concrete pillar .

living room reduced

We wanted a centre piece and ended up with a unique look

The house was built with the maximum airflow possible , aircon is not needed if you plan right at the beginning . Being near the sea there is always a lovely onshore breeze , and although we put ceiling fans in we never have them on as there is so much breeze. everything you see furniture wise in the house is custom made ,there aren’t any home depots or DFS furniture stores to go pick from. August -Nov  can get humid and sticky so we put in a plunge pool on the back porch , this works perfectly for cooling down when it’s hot. I’m just perfecting a sand filter so I can fill it directly from the well.


porch pool reduced

The back porch with the 6 x 6 plunge pool at the end, no costumes allowed 🙂

The house is two bedroomed ,each with en-suite our bathrom has a steel safe room door on it ,that H can look herself in when she wants to get away from me :). The upstairs roof top lounge is taking shape now  ,although I still have to put the pool table up , something that right now is at the top of my list. The upstairs has a fantastic palapa roof done by a guy who builds all the fancy resort palapas and he sure did a great job on this one. The up stairs is a 1000 square foot and gives a lovely breeze . We bought the dining set from Mexico  , but as you know I just love to lounge around in my hammock.

lounge1 reduced

Just lazing in the breeze is what we missed most about Belize.

H isn’t really into hammocks so WE  ( she made me put that)  designed and put together these hard wood seat  ,6foot long and furnished with custom made cushions from our friend.  it took about a week to do on an off  due to varnishing and sanding ,complimented by general lazing about, but they turned out exactly as we wanted and will out live us.

lounge seating reduced

A labour of love and now H has somewhere to bark orders from 🙂

Other news our good friend Gwyn proprietor of the Sea Breeze passed away in Jan ,he will be surely missed by us and many others.

So Casa Verde is open for visitors book your bed early to avoid disappointment , a bottle of rum will cover all lodging fee’s   🙂





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