A new life in Belize


So my brother Trev  made the trip over recently , he had just split from his long time girlfriend and it seemed that the time was right to lift his spirits. To help him out he brought some coins over for us that he’d found with his metal detector and we paid for his flight. I’m not sure who got the better deal . I got a few chunks of metal and he got to lord it up in Belize. The day before he arrived a hurricane had formed and was directly over Cancun airport …not to worry him we said nothing and it had passed by the time he stepped off the plane in Mexico.  H and I travelled up to meet him at the airport and we planned to go to Cozumel if the weather cleared to calm and sunny , but alas it was still a little cloudy. We opted for the one night stay in playa del Carmen at the ONE HOTEL next to the alternative bus station , which turned out to be nice .. the further away from 5th avenue in playa del Carmen the better ,if you want any chance of sleep. In Belize you don’t eat steak , it’s just not as tender as you’d want. But when in Mexico  you eat steak and we did big fat succulent T-Bones and was really the reason we travelled up to meet him  🙂

The next day we headed off through Mexico on the ADO  bus and in no time we arrived in Chetumal the city just 5 miles away from where we live. Always be wary of a taxi from the bus station it’s like arriving at an international airport  …you are going to get fleeced and there is usually an argument over price when you get out …even if you agreed it before you set off.  Well surprise surprise  after telling me that all the chicken buses had left for the day to Belize from the neuvo mercardo  , I told him I lived in Corozal and to take me to the new market anyway , he shrugged his shoulders and smiled . As we turned the corner 5 chicken buses neatly lined up   and 40 pesos  for the ride ( 2 quid) the agreed price … seems like Trev had brought us some luck  ….. we passed through both borders with no trouble and arrived in Corozal for 3pm . I rang my friend who had just finished making two benches and a coffee table for us and he gave us a lift in his pick up truck. Trev and I rode in the back along the sea front with a stout in our hands …it was nice to return to the laid back life  🙂

Just before he arrived we had the pool table assembled and reclothed  , Sean at lennons snooker centre had helped me buy some simonis tournament cloth which I brought back with me from the UK . Sibling rivalry over who was best ,there had to be a tournament so we kept score. He actually did a lot better than I expected and it was very close right at the end. Dave the WINNER  , H second and Trev third .


A very close result but there was always going to be only one winner  🙂


So these were the scores …on the right total games played left was the first to 5 frames championship shoot out

We headed off to caye caulker when the weather was just perfect , rode down on the bus to Belize  City and arrived at the bus station . NEVER  I repeat NEVER  walk from the bus station to the water taxi  ,it costs 10 bz  (3 quid) and is not worth the risk. When we arrived at the water taxi  , they said they had a deal on 50 usd return .. not bad for 3 of us BUT WAIT  that was each . I looked at her and said I paid 9 usd each way 3 months ago , we will go to the next place , she called me back saying next time tells us you are locals and you get the GOOD  price. So we got the GOOD price and before we knew it we were drinking Belikin beer at the lazy lizard on caye caulker. We stayed at the WORLD FAMOUS  … Popeye’s beach resort and were treated to a nice large room on the ground floor ..steps and one barrel rum are not a good mix  🙂  We took fishing reels with us and borrowed poles from Popeye’s   ,Trev and I  fished at the split  some small fry were caught but not the huge monsters we were after. So that night we went to Rosie’s Grill and had a whole fish each with veg and wedges for 30bz   BARGAIN  😛

Whilst at Popeye’s we asked Gilbert the manager where he had his haircut , and the guy who cuts it was sat right in front of us , he nipped off on his bicycle and was back in 5 mins with his clippers. A chair was produced outside in the court yard and he had his haircut under a palm tree , how impromptu  was that , a mighty fine job 10 bz.





The all new painted sign at the Lazy Lizard.. YEAH  MAN

We did some more fishing back in Corozal and caught two decent size cat fish which Trev and our neighbour Pat cooked on the BBQ. We sailed over to Cerros the Mayan temple across the bay and were ravaged by mosquito’s as it had just rained after a 7 month dry spell. We went to the Corozal bay sailing club regatta and Trev was a big hit with the ladies … it’s a small town and ” fresh meat”  is always devoured by the local expats 🙂 … and before we knew it the time had come for us to part . Belize gave Trev one parting farewell as he crossed the border , he was ripped off for an additional 50 bz   ..I gave him the exact money to leave  37.50 bz and they said it wasn’t enough and saw another 50 bz and said he needed to pay more ..  well  they  you have to take the rough with the smooth.

We purchased two spin bikes and have gradually been building ourselves up to an hour a day. Weight loss results in the next blog !!!!!!!!

And to finish  off we were watching criminal minds on the tv and heard something at the window , and there peering in  watching the people watching the people was a tree frog getting his FREE VIEW quota  🙂


A tree frog serial killer in the making







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