A new life in Belize

Having a wheely good time

When my brother visited we tried to guess each others weight , it turned out he was a stone lighter and it made me think. Am i over weight ? so i consulted the online NHS chart and realized i was starting to become one fat B*stard. It kind of creeps on and you don’t notice , until i had a comment on a photo i’d posted on facebook . Jokingly it said i’d put weight on. At some point you have to start the fight …yes the fight … sweets ,cakes ,buns they all take their toll. In one respect we are rather lucky that there are no processed foods here , no supermarket aisles full of chocolate… BUT there is sugar ladened cheap rum (our Nemisis) readily available. We were on the look out for an excercise bike to burn calories ,and were lucky to find two that a local gym had for sale 30quid each  BARGAIN . So we started on a high protein diet ( in Belize that means chicken ) and cut our carb daily intake to less than 500 per day …. yes that mean’t that the rum went on hold for a couple of months to maximise results. We started on 10 mins daily and increased 5 mins extra evey week . The goal being able to spin flat out for and hour.   Then we rode an hour one day and 3omins the next. BOOM the weight fell of us ,i lost 26 pounds  and H 22 so far. We now have a mandatory dry month ( no alcohol ) every 3 months. It’s funny when the shorts that were very tight fitting before , now fall straight off to the floor.


No matter how hard i ride ….. I can never get in  front of her  🙂

H wanted a sunroom ,somewhere to relax and lie out , without the annoying mosquitoes or flies that can be around at certain times of year.  As a rule if you live in the sun , you hide from the sun .. we literally get 350 days of 12 hours a day sunshine . Her wish is my command and i knocked up this sun room fully screened in . We can just walk down off the back porch into it. It turned out great and we really do enjoy mid mornings in there until the sun gets to hot.Not one fly in your drink …. pretty hard in these parts  🙂


Where the days seem endless

When Paul was over in febuary  we bought a papaya fruit from the market and had rum cocktails. He took the seeds out and planted some in the garden . 10 months later we have an healthy loaded with fruit papaya plant. No effort at all ..this place is like Jurrasic park plant it leave it and it grows. We have just picked a couple and have started to ripen them ,so by new year we will be eating Pauls Papaya. One interesting fact is that papaya seeds contain cyanide  ,that can get rid of intestinal worms naturally.


Contains cyanide …. no wonder H has been saving the seeds  🙂 

Living outside of town away from roads and people ,nature is all around us ….. we can sit for hours watching birds squabble and play from the roof top lounge. Over here there are two types of wood pecker . The common woodpecker and the F*ckin DADDY woodpecker  also known as the pileated woodpecker 🙂   The F/DADDY  is as big as a crow  and has a brillant crimson crown. They are very skittish and can normally be seen in the inkish dark of day break and on very few days of the year. The other day to my surpise whilst building the sun room , the F/DADDY  flew onto a tree and started hammering right next to the house in the middle of the afternoon. Probably had heard about the blog and wanted to make an appearance ( like so many )   🙂


F/DADDY hammering out the beats 🙂

To all our friends far and wide,we hope it’s been a good year for you and your family. We look foward to seeing you all soon again ……sometime in the distant future  🙂


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