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Oh No 50 Keywest – Dry Tortugas

We cleared customs at about 10am and set sail for Boca Grande  ,which lies in a chain of lslands about 15 miles from keywest , the waters are shallow and protected , due to the fact we had a 5 feet draft we had to stay in the deeper water outside the channel but had calm smooth waters as we made our way to our first nights destination. Incredibly no one was hung over just a little tired . Dramamine the sea sickness tablet , seconds as a sedative , so we all got our heads down for a little shut eye and arrived about 3pm at Boca Grande. By this time we were well rested aided by the NON DROWSEY  dramamine sea sickness tablets ( disputed by Will and Sheila). We crawled out our beds to see the the last few boats heading back to keywest and virtually had the place to ourselves. The girls went straight to the beach ,Will and I headed for a sunken sugar barge wreck , to do some snorkelling. True to form the girls were having white wine spritzers on the beach , when we joined them. The sun sunk lazily over the calm waters and we all turned in early to get some much needed rest.

sailing the high seas

Heavily sedated smiles all round the wonderful dramamine 🙂

Next morning we sailed the short hop over to The Marquesas keys . They were formed by a meteorite impact, which made an atoll a few years before we got there 😉 .  This was another great day relaxing on the beach , the boys went off fishing in the mangroves and were trying to catch this large fish. The fish proved to be a better fisherman than us as it took all our bait and lived to fight another day. Just before we got into the boat i spied 3 sea sponges washed up on the beach , an excellent photo opportunity. I said to Jim the captain lets take a photo , but props are involved , do you want small ,medium or large. Instantly he picked small and Will said i’ll have large and the photo was snapped 🙂


Fun in the sun sporting our new hair styles.

We spent the night in the marquesas then sailed to Dry tortugas the next day. H was a little nervous about the sail, but the weather forecast was just perfect for the whole week ,82  degrees light winds and clear blue skies. We had been so lucky as we’ve made the crossing in 12 foot seas before ,which isn’t fun at all. After 9 hours and a 45 mile sail the fort came into view and we entered garden key harbour .It was nice to be back and on schedule for my birthday on the 10th tomorrow.


Terra firma for the next couple of days.

We transferred all our “GEAR” to the island and went back and ate on the boat , the food was superb, every meal we had the entire time was bistro quality. The sun set behind the fort and gave us a lovely light show, Jim thought he saw the green flash , but i’m sure it was just H  in the bathroom  🙂

sunset in the garden

The next day ,cautiously opened my eyes and i had made 50 , being in a pristine natural setting as the dry tortugas made it even more special.


Setting sail for loggerhead key to spend my 50th birthday there.

We spent the day on loggerhead key and had birthday lunch on the beach , and then snorkelled little africa , a wonderful section of coral reef . A great day was had by everyone.


H goofing about during our lunch  🙂


If it gets any better than this … Could someone please get in touch 🙂


15 years looking for this big guy and he makes an appearance for my birthday , hanging around in the moat.

Our time was done in the dry tortugas , we left a day earlier than expected as the winds were favourable and we set off on the 100 mile night sail across the gulf stream to Cuba. See you on the other side AMIGO ‘S  🙂

arch enemies

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel …unfortunately sometimes it’s a train hurtling towards you  🙂


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